wild idea relating to the avatar system
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post #130261 :: 2020.11.09 2:02am :: edit 2020.11.09 2:03am
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my idea is: it would be cool if any old posts or entries made with an old avatar kept the avatar that was there at the time of posting. i ALWAYS wanted this to be the case for soundcloud and twitter, but sadly it is not. historically accurate avatars bring great context to the people we were and how places used to be... we can be pioneers of a new enlightened age...
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post #130262 :: 2020.11.09 2:04am
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(really, its because i was looking at comments of myself from 2012, and hoo boy i was a snippy person back then. it doesnt gel with my current gentle NYN aneki avatar at all...
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post #130263 :: 2020.11.09 2:08am :: edit 2020.11.09 2:09am
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thats a cool idea, and i was actually thinking about it a few days ago as well!
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post #130282 :: 2020.11.09 10:04am
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historyyyy!!!!! :O
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post #130284 :: 2020.11.09 10:32am
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i think botb goes a little too far in making every single thing you do here immediately and permanently available as an archive and signal boosted by forces beyond your control. stuff like this isn't a big deal at all but imo it continues that philosophy and I'm bleh on it. if i changed my avatar it's probably because i didn't want to use my old ones anymore
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post #130285 :: 2020.11.09 11:08am
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i agree with the "if i changed my avatar it's probably because i didn't want to use my old ones anymore" bit - if this ends up being implemented, at least make it so the user can disable it
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post #130286 :: 2020.11.09 11:13am :: edit 2020.11.09 11:13am
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Having this as a user-settable option would be perfect...

...says me, the guy who hasn't changed his on any site in like a decade. :P
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post #130292 :: 2020.11.09 12:02pm
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when i read the title this exact idea sprang to my mind :D
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post #130375 :: 2020.11.10 3:13pm
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i like it. if i'm not mistaken, youtube videos of old entries follow this logic :)

i agree with user-toggling of this if it's implemented, but if we wanted to take it even a step further, each user could enable/disable the use of each individual one of their prior avatars. if an avatar is disabled for historical use, a post/entry could display the next avatar (forward in time) that is enabled. and disabled old avatars would be hidden from the avatar display on your profile, for anyone but you and admins.
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post #130651 :: 2020.11.15 8:21pm
I reckon the back end would require a huge overhaul in order to accomate this.

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