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post #129339 :: 2020.10.28 4:24am
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It fascinates me how kfaraday handle all kinds of emotions with the sounds.

Sometimes it's harmonious and sometimes disturbing, sometimes sad, sometimes strange, sometimes quick-tempered, etc., to regulate these and to put them into a song that you can listen to again afterwards because you can feel it, it's really magical.

I know that I can learn from emotions to create something out of them by exploring them within myself and making them understandable to me. Even if they have been stirred and shaken and chopped a thousand times deep frozen, I will not let go of them, I can only bring them out to what defines me. I don't want to be just anything but everything that defines me inside. I want to live more from life and keep myself open so I can see, the awareness, what has somehow connected us all in a magical way.
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post #129397 :: 2020.10.28 12:56pm
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this is so lovely, thank you !!!

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