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post #129034 :: 2020.10.24 8:26pm :: edit 2020.10.24 8:35pm
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TODAY we lost the Starcraft Ii Tournament (last night) but we are trying to recouperate. I take this stuff more seriously than a lot of people think (or a lot of people) more thank goodness do not.

I'm taking this way too far I am really sorry like I'm not even used to taking to people on Starcraft lol

yeah every now and then I go crazy and I'm just really glad that I didn't end up in the hospital or jail... so thank goodness sorry about that everybody
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post #129036 :: 2020.10.24 9:06pm
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i'm glad you're feeling a little better...
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post #129037 :: 2020.10.24 9:10pm
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Hey Kyle, sorry I set you off with my insensitive joke. By the way, I just wanna be clear that the person on the stream was me, not Puke7.

I can understand having bad passes.. just, next time try not to threaten; that legitimately caught me off guard.
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post #129209 :: 2020.10.26 5:46pm :: edit 2020.10.26 5:54pm
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Yeah I'm sorry about that if I had any control over that stuff I wouldn't do it I just lose it every now and then I'm in therapy for anger Management right now

Really heavy medical therapy you wouldn't even believe it what I got to do to keep cool

In my mind I thought that puke 7 was making fun of me I thought honestly I'll be honest with you I ate a bunch of old dot candy and I turned on the Ultimate him u know. Just chillin. The
our song was playing and I thought that the guy who made battle the bits was making fun of me and so I really was mad I'm sorry

I can be a real dramatic person sometimes I don't have any clue how to control my emotions. I emulate vulcan more than anything and this is how I wind up after all that funk I never thought I would get like that with my homies on botb

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