I and all my 14 accounts are retiring thanks
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Kyle Eparoo
post #129018 :: 2020.10.24 5:17pm
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I'm the kind of person who's not going to be able to undo any of this once it all starts man
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post #129019 :: 2020.10.24 5:18pm
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i love you kyle, i hope you will be okay...
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post #129021 :: 2020.10.24 5:22pm :: edit 2020.10.24 5:23pm
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i want to remind everybody that there is a rich tradition of people writing finely crafted noise and glitch music on botb (it's as old as chipchop, EVEN OLDER, its as old as the early detroit battles)
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post #131001 :: 2020.11.19 4:27pm
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HOw long did this site be on the internet like 20 years right?
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post #131014 :: 2020.11.19 9:13pm
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just over 15 years old rn
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post #131080 :: 2020.11.20 7:53pm :: edit 2020.11.20 7:54pm
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DId you hear that @ZXtune is working on something for Botb? Idk to make lots of the stuff from here available on the zxtune app? Idk. I heard it from @ZXtune themselves on Twitter

sO THAT's 15 years worth of new chiptunes for me to listen to I'm

Very exited about that
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post #131135 :: 2020.11.21 4:05pm
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I have grown to love the OSPLM account some great noise/glitch stuff that seems to be evolving every battle. Thanks for participating in some of my hosted battles your presence is greatly valued :)
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post #131191 :: 2020.11.22 5:20pm
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THanks Yeah, I'm pretty sensitive so sometimes I lose my temper when I lose the batels; hence the last few things i posted on Noob SoZ. I like the Noob SoZ forum it's a good place to chit-chat along with the chatrooms.

Mpt was really difficult for me to learn but the program does everything I could hope for pretty much; lately I've been working on improving my sample choices and using different FX data entry techniques

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