Thanks, your website is shitwebsite
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post #129001 :: 2020.10.24 4:20pm
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Thanks, your website is shitwebsite

THat was a chiptune i spent some time on for the battle like any other person on here, I'm done on this website permanently
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post #129007 :: 2020.10.24 5:08pm :: edit 2020.10.24 5:08pm
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okay well that sucks as nobody dislikes you osplm

[Site is very good tho, I cant agree there]
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post #129011 :: 2020.10.24 5:11pm
who is being rude to hospital boy wtf
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post #129012 :: 2020.10.24 5:11pm :: edit 2020.10.24 5:30pm
editing this second post out
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post #129015 :: 2020.10.24 5:15pm :: edit 2020.10.24 5:17pm
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max assumed that hospital boy's track was a shitpost on the ultimate hum synclisten
hb apparently didn't like that, went into irc and asked who the "guy with the beard" was
i said puke not really knowing what he meant and now he's been harassing puke and being belligerent towards the site due to this winding path of events

also he believes max == puke and that puke is a millionaire apparently

also also max has already apologized for what he's said but hb doesn't believe it
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post #129016 :: 2020.10.24 5:16pm :: edit 2020.10.24 5:16pm
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i wasnt around when it happend, but kyle: dont mistake puke with max. puke isnt responsible for things another person is saying
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post #129028 :: 2020.10.24 6:44pm
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Come back OSPLM
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post #131000 :: 2020.11.19 4:26pm
I was so mad i lost the batel!

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