Sorry for the delay, here is the Sunday payout! Congrats brave investors!
BotB Academy Bulletins
Level 22 Mixist
post #128639 :: 2020.10.19 10:19am
  VirtualMan, big lumby, Strobe, CastleNes, sean and Jakerson liēkd this
Sincerest apologies everyone, we had an extensive software update that took longer than was anticipated! The update is complete and we now boast some of the strongest encryption and data security in the world! Thank you for your patience and your hands of steel!

Our speculation activity generated a robust 12.7% yield this fiscal week, and as an apologetic gesture we are issuing a 2% gratuity, bring total payouts to 14.7%. Everyone should now have their payouts as follows according to this week's Earnings Ranking:

Strobe - Invested 20000, Earned 22940
Jakerson - Invested 2000, Earned 2294
sean - Invested 1931, Earned 2214.86
OminPigeonMaster - Invested 1000, Earned 1147
Castlenes - Invested 777.7, Earned 892.02
mirageofher - Invested 46.28, Earned 53.08

As always, anyone who wishes to invest any amount of boons for the following fiscal week, please send your deposit to me ASAP. The next payout day is Sunday, October 25th, so only investments made before that date will give a payout for that week.
Level 20 Chipist
post #128654 :: 2020.10.19 1:57pm
  VirtualMan, sean, DevEd, Doxic, Strobe and sasami liēkd this
  Vav hæitd this
nice lawsuit evasion maneuver
Level 22 Mixist
post #128662 :: 2020.10.19 3:42pm
  sean, Modus Ponens, damifortune and Doxic liēkd this
ya'll keep casting shade

my investors got it MADE in the shade
Level 23 Chipist
post #128684 :: 2020.10.19 8:04pm
  tfx, sean, maJsty14 and xterm liēkd this
hi again? directed investors to promising startups but they claimed the startups were just czechoslovakian shell companies created by me. need to create presentation on strategic bundling by friday. how to rotate text in MS paint adn clean blood out of carpet?
Level 31 Chipist
post #128688 :: 2020.10.20 12:51am
  sean, Tilde and Vav liēkd this
I never had any doubt in your ability to return my investment.
//Loo Phole
Level 20 Chipist
post #128796 :: 2020.10.21 9:45am
  kleeder and gabriel_ liēkd this
hmm, maybe if i invest some boons i will have invested some boons

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