First BotB 4HB visuall today?
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Level 22 XHBist
post #128622 :: 2020.10.19 3:12am
  mk7 and sean liēkd this
Hello there. I would like to do the first 4HB, but to avoid boonloss, please tell me if you can participate so I see in advance and can cancel if nobody is here.

The other reason is it will be the first, I would like to know what do you think about that kind of competition!

The time I propose is:
at 6:30 pm UTC!!!

that's... If I do no error:
8:30 pm/20:30 central european time
3:30 pm/15:30 atlantic time
2:30 am eastern time
1:30 pm central time
12:30 am mountain time and
11:30 am pacific time

Hope we can get around 11 people!
Level 11 Criticist
post #128623 :: 2020.10.19 3:19am :: edit 2020.10.19 3:55pm
  CastleNes liēkd this
I may participate, the time is suitable for me
edit: i couldn't :(
though happy to see that the battle turned out to be great one
Level 10 Chipist
post #128626 :: 2020.10.19 6:26am
  mk7 and CastleNes liēkd this
i can do it man.
Level 21 XHBist
post #128632 :: 2020.10.19 7:44am
  CastleNes liēkd this
i can join!
Level 15 XHBist
post #128640 :: 2020.10.19 10:38am
:D join
Level 22 XHBist
post #128643 :: 2020.10.19 10:55am
Ok! Battle is hosted! Have fun!
Level 22 XHBist
post #128666 :: 2020.10.19 4:32pm
  nitrofurano and sasami liēkd this
That was a success! 4HB visuall is viable. We had 13 entries, thank you everybody.

Teh battle:

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