Hey guys! I just wanna tell you that I got accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium for composition!
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aaaaaAAAAA It's so exciting I'm gonna be learning how to write music good for 3 years! I can't wait!

It's no small thanks to all of you guys though. I've learned so much over the years doing OHBs and larger events. Thanks to all of you for being so damn awesome.

Here's to the many more years of music! :D.

Edit: found out it's 4 years! Even better.
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Can't wait to see your botb songs in three years from now!!!
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no surprise to me at all!
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Ohhh y'all too nice. And thanks Quirby for sending me that first DM, really helped me get my bearings :D
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congratulations! :)
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you better come back when you're done and dunk hard on everyone

good luck and big congrats, you'll do great
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are they teaching you how to use trackers as well there? :P
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Gratz!! If they do what kleeder says, I hope you be gentle with us and don't destroy us with your new powers <:c. Just because I have absolute pitch hearing doesn't mean I'm good at tracking
(And no, not defeatist here, I think personally I'm quite good at it, thanks to OHC/OHBs some of them here on botb and long tracker-practice)
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It's so good to hear such positive energy spreading. Go for it!
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Awesome news! Congratulations and good luck!
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Alright!! Go make us proud! Better yet, make yourself proud!!
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Oh my god well done! It's a lovely place to study at.

I wish I still had friends there who I could point you to as people you should get to know. Despite never studying at the con myself, I knew quite a lot of the students and spent quite a lot of time there. I think by now almost all of them will be gone though. People I knew when they were in first year, just before I moved away, will just now be finishing their fourth year. There could be a handful in postgrad, and I might know one of the percussionists in third year, if he's still there. My mum still works there as a pianist, though you probably won't ever encounter her normally. Keep an eye out for a freakishly tall frizzy haired eccentric woman with glasses! She's very nice.

One piece of advice I would give for studying composition at a conservatoire is that you should always keep writing in your own style - but also be prepared to make yourself write in whatever style your tutor says you should, even if you're forced to keep your student compositions and your 'authentic' compositions totally separate. The main advantadge of studying in a place like this is getting exposed to a wide variety of music. You will have chances to experiment in a live music setting that you may never get again. So even if you feel that a particular piece isn't being true to yourself, write it anyway - either you'll now know for sure that you dislike that style, or maybe you'll actually discover some new tricks from it that you can incorporate elsewhere.

Also, find the weirdest people you can and make friends with them. That's a good social survival strategy, and there'll be plenty of them at the con. I don't know how weird you are in real life because I've never met you, but you're on this website, so I'm assuming you're not completely normal! There are quite a few really elitist people who study at the con, especially among the orchestral players, but the weirder a person is, the more likely they are to be accepting of different ideas and styles, and the more likely they are to play one of your pieces. I managed to get a clarinet quartet performed at the con shortly before I came here, and it was because the members were all pretty weird and I knew them from other things. I even might get an orchestral piece performed there once covid calms down, and it's all because I made friends with as many people and got involved with as many projects as I could.

If you're looking for an ensemble to join (and if you can't join the conservatorium ones), check out the Sydney University Wind Orchestra. They rehearse off campus somewhere. I spent 8 years with them and I still know quite a few people there. They're nice, and they're also willing to play new compositions - at least, they were when I was around! They performed my piece 'Aviary' that I put up here a few years ago, and they've performed at least two other student compositions that I'm aware of.

Let me know if you ever need any help or advice while studying there!
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Wow, that's awesome!! Grats, and looking forward to what comes of it :D
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Sincere congrats on the acceptance, it's amazing news! Always heart warming to hear community members aspiring to heights like this. I wish you a wonderful 4 years, and that you may continue to grow and learn!
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holy shit, congratulations man! 4 years of music education at one of the (if not the) most prestigious music school in australia...i'm so happy for you, you go out there and make the most out of it! :D/
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I don't know you but that s fking great news!!! congrats!!!!

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