Astounding Trading Week, Congrats Investors!!
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post #127917 :: 2020.10.04 3:25pm
  ASIKWUSpulse, CastleNes, Jakerson, Strobe and kleeder liēkd this
This week we saw a bit of overall market lull early on but there has been a lot of big moves in the themed battle markets. We hit a high of 23% on Thursday, then with a small expected retracing we ended up with a very impressive 19.2% closing out the week. Because of recent transparency laws, we must publicly post each investor's deposit and earnings for the week. Congrats to all the big winners this week! We are all gonna make it!

Earnings Ranking for this week:

Strobe - Invested 5000, Earned 5960
Meanings - Invested 3000, Earned 3576
Jakerson - Invested 420.6956, Earned 501.47
ASIKWUSpulse - Invested 10, Earned 11.92
Creenter - Invested 1.26, Earned 1.5

Anyone who wishes to invest any amount of boons for the following fiscal week, please send your deposit to me ASAP. The next payout day is Sunday, October 11th, so only investments made before that date will give a payout for that week. Next week is projected to be another great week, don't miss out on a brighter future!

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post #127935 :: 2020.10.04 11:10pm
  Vav liēkd this
I'm not a big fan of the new transparency laws, but I guess I will have to live with that. Looking forward to keep investing in this very lucrative business. //Mone Ylaundring
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post #128046 :: 2020.10.06 5:12pm
how to hide money made from crimes ?
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post #128047 :: 2020.10.06 5:49pm
kill everyone who could know something about it
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big lumby
post #128073 :: 2020.10.07 11:43am
first week i did this was a huge profit

aight but if i lose money from this i'm metaphorically suing

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