visufall - a visuall xhb series
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post #127806 :: 2020.10.02 6:22am
  nitrofurano, Tobikomi, Spring, OminPigeonMaster, now_its_dark, xterm, amelia, Jakerson and sean liēkd this
hello botb! i'm here to put forth an idea i've been contemplating on all this summer. i was inspired by xhb series such as max's the ultimate hum and hanna's summer allgear series to do this - both of which have been fun non-major battle events for people to actively look forward to throughout this year. i want to propose to you...

v i s u f a l l

what is visufall?
visufall will be an autumn-themed xhb series that will run its course through october, november, and december. all of these months will have one weekly ohb starting on the third week of october and culminating in a 2hb on the final week of the year. these will all be in the visuall category.

why are you hosting it?
mainly to celebrate the artistic skills of battle of the bits. some of the people here, while certainly excellent musicians, are also amazing artists in their own right. therefore, i want to give them a chance to shine within this series as i feel like visual formats (while justifiably so) are underutilized compared to musical formats.

when is it happening? will i be able to make it?
yes you will, because that's where you come in! i have been contemplating a good time for this series to be held for a while now, and i feel like leaving it in the hands of botbrs seems just. i have created a strawpoll for you to vote on which day seems most suitable to you
, with each time being in utc so that conversion to your time zone is easier than subtracting from eastern time or something like that.

is there a reward at the end?
yes there will! by the end of the battle, the person with the highest score overall out of all the participants will recieve b1000! the runner ups will recieve b500 and b200 respective of placing, and everyone will recieve a consolation of b20 * x amount of visufall battles entered.

voting will end on the 13th for the time, and i'll be reaching out to top grafxists and pixelists alike to gauge interest in this idea. cheers, botb!
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post #127817 :: 2020.10.02 7:26am
  sean and big lumby liēkd this
Voted! Visuall XHB sounds cool to me
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post #127818 :: 2020.10.02 7:50am
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yes yes yess!! i would love a visuall series

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post #128339 :: 2020.10.12 3:55pm
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hello botb! the poll's due to close in 24 hours from this post's date! if you haven't voted yet and want to vote, now's your chance

i'll be announcing the date decided upon shortly after publishing the results!! :D/
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post #128373 :: 2020.10.13 4:17pm
  CastleNes, sean, RadamLee and Jakerson liēkd this
results are here
!! i'm so happy at the the utter turnout of this vote! from the looks of it, it looks like from the beginning the majority of votes went to sunday, 2-8 pm utc time. it does make sense as a time, as it'd be late afternoon-early evening for europe and mid-late morning for america...alright! it's been decided then.

v i s u f a l l
-at 5 pm UTC!!!-

6 pm/18:00 central european time
1 pm/13:00 atlantic time
12 pm eastern time
11 am central time
10 am mountain time and
9 am pacific time

the first round is set to begin on october 18th! good luck to you all and have fun!!
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post #148721 :: 2021.11.08 5:06am
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RNG brought me here.
wtf this was over a year ago???
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post #148722 :: 2021.11.08 6:15am
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Talking about: When the, may, next visuall format x hour battle series, begins?

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