looking for trackers that supports txt-based file formats
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post #127764 :: 2020.10.01 6:47am
  MrGamer liēkd this
hi everyone!

besides Vortex Tracker, do anyone here know if it is there any tracker supporting txt-based file formats, by default or by "import/export"?

if there isn't, perhaps wouldn't be a good idea to document, propose and "lobby" such needed and useful format? (which would help interpoerability a lot, at least)

thanks in advance!
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post #127856 :: 2020.10.03 4:44am
  nitrofurano liēkd this
Hey d00d! Good to have you back to the site. (me too BTW) I'm more of a modern Tracker type but use OCC-FamiTracker. I've seen the *.VGM-format being used for competitions here (correct me if I'm wrong) but I dig the idea of a "totally cros-compatible/convertable" TX-based format.

With TXT I'm guessing you can also make "hard changes" by editing the raw file for special effects and functions not "supported" by a DAW/tool.

More fine-grain so to speak.
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post #129208 :: 2020.10.26 5:45pm
  nitrofurano and kfaraday liēkd this
That reminds me I've always wanted to look at a NSF file with notepad plus plus or text pad
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post #129359 :: 2020.10.28 7:25am
the renoise file format is a zip file with xml (a kind of text file) inside. rename one to zip and try opening it
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post #130999 :: 2020.11.19 4:24pm
I love listening to .Txt chiptunes on my zxtune player

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