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I am happy to announce that the album, project, and future of The Ultimate Hum will be standing proud as it's own platform within the Battle of the Bits community. We will be releasing the album on a standalone Bandcamp and hear this:

100% of the Bandcamp revenue goes to you guys.
If you're in the album, you will be paid your fair share.
If you participated, but didn't make the album, you may still even win money.

A patreon
is also already available as an alternative to support me while I organize and lead this, and currently to preemptively support the artists as well. Until the release of the current project, I pledge 50% of those earnings directly back into this project's release*


Bandcamp earnings will be split for this first project like this**

- 80% of the Bandcamp's earnings will be split between all people who have at least a track in the album***! If you have more than one track on the album, you will also be compensated with an extra split up to 2 times normal at 5 tracks and above.

For math nerds this means you get 1 "ticket" for your first track on the album plus incrementally (1/2^n-1) for each subsequent track on the album, rounded up to 2 when you hit 5 tracks: 1, 1.5, 1.75, 1.875, 2. All tickets will then make up a total from which your amount of tickets will be your portion of the revenue. A kind of percentage system.

- 10% of the Bandcamp's earnings will be put into 5$ packages and given away semi-randomly to anyone who has not made the album, and has done what I deem to be at least one worthwhile entry. That is entirely up to me to decide but still a very large majority. Every time you win, your chances to win again is lowered until the next main project release.

For math nerds, when one wins, their chance to win will be split in two, then three, four, etc. (that's where the "semi" of "semi-randomly" lies) in the same ticketing system as the last math nerds explanation, except more entries does not mean more chances.

- 5% of the Bandcamp's earnings will go to LittleTheremin for mixing where necessary, and mastering the entire, gigantic album. I know this isn't much, but seriously, thank you.

- 5% of the Bandcamp's earnings will be split equally within the team of music ninjas (on top of their normal cut of the 80%, except LittleTheremin) that will work with me to provide feedback, and help improve everyone's tracks once selected and still remain in the team by the release of the project. Again, I know this isn't much, but thanks a ton for the help.


Here's what you can do with the money

When minimum 5$ is reached you can redeem it through multiple means.
- Online purchase of virtual goods: Games, Steam Digital Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, etc.
- Paypal transfer (minus transfer fees :c)
- Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we can chat and see lol

Or, there are alternatives:
- You can give your cut to charity
- You can give up your cut, increasing everyone else's cut
- You can manually give money you have "in bank" to other people's "bank", if they've been in a main project's album before

A website should eventually be available to do these things, but for now you will be able to do so by contacting me on Discord :)


*Stacked until release where it will be immediately added to the bandcamp earnings and split accordingly.

**These percentage are bound to change after the second Ultimate Hum project finishes and releases, this is a rough sketch that should be active throughout the first one's lifetime however.

***All releases will stay on the Bandcamp permanently, and any earnings from the entirety of the Bandcamp will be considered part of the latest main project's earnings from their release date, until the next main project's release, so on and so forth. This is to promote activity and especially to support the newer artists :)

If you have any negative or constructive criticism, ideas, feedback about any of what you heard, feel free to leave them here or contact me about it!

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