C64, LSDJ, synthetizes and PC Engine
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post #127416 :: 2020.09.24 9:39am
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Hello there,

Since last level up and badges, I can host what I want, and I would be happy to find people interested in some formats I consider rare because I didn't see them since I joined BotB!

I basically plan one or more new battle series, depending of what you are interested in. Here are the things I would like to do:
(Names will probably change)


- "BattleBoy" : GameBoy battles! Using LSDJ on PC with bgb emulator is really supper easy, allow you to export sound, even in 4 different channels, and lets be honest, it is a damn fun stereo chiptune format with a great tool. Of course Defle is legal, but if a group of people want to start LSDJ, that would be cool to do this together!

- "Sid quest" : Commodore 64. I love that chip, and if some people don't like Goat Tracker and sid wizard, it is still possible to use Deflemask (be aware some trick may be need to make sid export work on Defle).

- "Synth city" : Synthesizers (allgear) time! We already did one and that was pretty cool. That aim is to put synthesizers in the spotlight in these to do synthwave, old school electro, and other synthy stuff. In the next battles, I plan to give more instruction, but main objective is to allow both software and hardware synthesizers in all battles, and make more changes about themes, style, etc. I will host these at least one hour before the battle start so people can be ready if they want to use real synths.

- PC Engine, well, I did only one, that was fun and I did Kleeder I will do more! Now I can host them, I have no more excuse not doing some. I know nearly nothing about this format tho XD


Why do a bulletin?

Well! I would like to know if some people would be interested, when, who want to be warned when we start etc. My goal is to revive some of these format a little and create some talk about tools, tips, share patches and things... So basically, if one or more of this formats or idea create hype in you, tell me! Or just say hello on my first bulletin, that is fair too.

Thank you in advance!
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post #127418 :: 2020.09.24 10:31am
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saying hello on your first bulletin
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post #127428 :: 2020.09.24 2:40pm :: edit 2020.09.24 2:40pm
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Wait, you already have 7 badges? Dang. I've been on this site for almost 3 years now. I need to step up my game!

Also, I would definitely try to participate in a game boy or pc engine battle to keep my MML skills in tact. As for the C64 & Allgear, I'm not too sure.
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post #127431 :: 2020.09.24 4:22pm
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i've been waiting for a gameboy battle. I thought it would be more common.
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post #127437 :: 2020.09.24 6:49pm
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I would very enjoy a synth battle and lsdj perhaps!
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post #127438 :: 2020.09.24 7:54pm
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I would participate in any of these formats :)
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post #127439 :: 2020.09.24 7:58pm
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As an LSDJ lover, I would love to do more Game Boy battles! And as someone with a handful of strange keyboards, synth might be fun too!
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post #127442 :: 2020.09.24 11:09pm :: edit 2020.09.24 11:09pm
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hello yes i would be all in for some pc engine battles :D
i'm pretty much in the same boat as you, the only other hes song of mine being a boonsave for kleeder, so i am all in for an hes battle sometime in the future! dunno about c64 (most i can do is defle which has a sucky exporter, might try out sidwizard or finally learn goat if one comes up), but i can prolly do gb and synth ^^
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post #127499 :: 2020.09.25 5:22pm
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post #127500 :: 2020.09.26 6:00am
Ok, thank you for your answers! Seems Gameboy and synths interests people the most, lets start with that! Stay (de)tuned for PC Engine and C64!

I made an installation procedure on Windows you can find in LSDJ Lyceum page, here
Better to install it before an OHB starts :) I think we can do a first one before Ultimate Hum VI today. See you on Discord if you are interested!

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