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post #127356 :: 2020.09.23 2:11am
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So, with the Channel F 4HB coming up soon, i decided to make another thread about the topic.

You probably think "i dont know this format, im not trying this format, it sounds compilcated", but what if i tell you, that you can do your channel f entry in milkytracker or openmpt? yes its just an xm-template where you put in your notes, isnt that easy?

I created a discord-channelf-server a few months ago, and i will try to help everyone who has questions regarding the console or the xm-converter(sleisza trio). its still in its early stages but lets try to make it grow! just follow the link:

Here are some more helpful links for channel f:

- Sleisza Trio Download
(the music-making-thing)
- reddit
(the subreddit)
- atariage-thread
(this one is probably the most active thread about channel f on the internet)
- channel f wiki

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