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This is gonna be absolutely packed with info. Buckle up.
Please, please read the "Polish Stage" and "Extra Picks" rules especially! They are especially important right now!

The Ultimate Hum: A BotB VGM OST inspired by beautiful pixel animation, made with battles, will support the Botbrs!

1. Host a series of 10 weekly 4HBs, Saturdays 3PM EST for each selected inspiration piece of these masterpieces by Mark Ferrari

2. At the end of the series, I will select, considering directly your opinions, up to 40 extra tracks to make the album. That's 4 tracks per Round on average!

3 Tracks will then be polished by working as a team on Discord, as well as collabing

3.1 While tracks are being worked on, we host a Pixel 4HB for the album cover based on the overall feel of the completed album selections

4. Host a final Remix 4HB, and give it the same extra pick treatment

5. Put all selected tracks in an album with Puke's blessing on OUR OWN BANDCAMP :D

Visit this BotB bulletin for more information about album sales


Official Schedule

The Pixel art 4HB (album cover) will follow Saturday November 7th at 3PM EST / 7PM GMT

A Remix 4HB may follow; [To Be Determined]


Current status of the album winners

Gold Slots:

BlueNocturne - Deep Dive
BlueNocturne - The Great Desert Abal Ham Jamar
Jakerson - Snow Journey
kgb525 - The Latent Wonders of the Deep Forest
kgb525 - Locked Away in the Mountain Fortress (Longing, Rescuing)
Petet - Aurora Hymn
Vav - Shrounded Shrine City
Vav - Onryo-o - Fighting For Every Soul
Zenkusa - An Adventurer's Reflection in the Morning Pond
Zenkusa - Fierce Swamp Battle

Extra Picks:

Opener: Petet - Cryptic Carvings
Ender: Jakerson - Colorful Waterfall
aji - Forest Ambience 2
Amelia - Simmering Sands
Biruhan - Forgotten Ocean
Biruhan - Spirits of th Mountain
BlueNocturne - Facing the Dark Lord Karl
BlueNocturne - Unbroken Promise
BlueNocturne - Tranquil Mountain
BlueNocturne - Crossing the Swamp
CastleNes - Hall of the Mountain Hermit Castle
Jakerson - Can You See How Wonderful It Is
Jakerson - Eu Irei Descansar Aqui
Jakerson - Nice Dracula
kgb525 - Diving Into the Submerged Relic City
kgb525 - In the Halls of the Blood-Soaked Castle
kgb525 - Crossing the Frigid Icelands
kgb525 - Thoughts of Maiden Elena
Ko0x - In the Heart of the Forest
Ko0x - Vertical Ocean
MandraSigma - Home Away From Home
Michael Frank - Haunted Castle Conquest
Mirageofher - Simple Foresty, and it D-d-D-d-DEEP
mk7 - Spirit of the Forest
MrMinisterMaster - Sacred Leaf
MrMinisterMaster - Barren Future
OminPigeonMaster - Athletic Easaidh Ruadh
OminPigeonMaster - Through the Donut Swamp
Petet - Scary Gongs and Nice Lights
Petet - End of the World? (Reckoning By Heat)
Radnyx - Village in the Trees
Sasami - Dance Assault on the Rave Fortress
Sasami - Mirage Groove
Vav - Jewel Reef
Vav - The Heavens Bear Witness to Our Battle
Vav - Harmattan Headwind
Viravax - Snowflakes on the Hidden Valley
Zenkusa - An Ocean From Another World
Zenkusa - Nuclear Wonderland



Basic rules:
- All registered users of BotB may vote.
- All tunes will be rendered to MP3 for voting accessibility.
- No covers allowed, only original works.
- Entries that have been previously publicly released are not allowed.

- No one is required to participate in multiple battles to have a chance to win a spot
- Unless otherwise stated under WINNING LIMIT rule, gold winner is automatically taken for the album

- 10 of these scenes by Mark Ferrari have been selected for the battles.
The battles' bitpack will tell you which one to inspire your music from!
- Remember we are making a fake video game soundtrack!

FORMAT: Wildchip
- Use whichever tool you want, but the end-product, the track must have at least some chippiness to it.

- Think of "feel" as the "chippiness" of Wildchip. It's largely a basis, an inspiration, in order to unify us under one sound design theme and give some purpose. It means at least use some NES/SNES-compatible sounds. It has to be noticeable! The bitpack should help you with that
- This doesn't restrict feel to NES/SNES. You can mix feels with other chips and non-chip/VSTs at will.

WINNING LIMIT: 2 Gold wins - Not including post-battle extra picks
- To promote fairness, if you win battles with gold more than twice, you will have to choose after the 10 battles which tracks you will want to "keep", in which case, the others will see the silver winner be chosen instead.
- This does not however limit the amount of total tracks selected for the album in the end, we may or may not still select it as an extra (after the main battles) if we see fit.


POLISH STAGE: After selections are made

- This means everyone who participates and intends to make it at least once in the album MUST ACCEPT that, if they win, they will work with the small team to finish, polish, upgrade their own winning track(s). Mixing/mastering will be done with LittleTheremin!
- You MUST be reasonably contactable through the Cave Dingle (puke's) Discord server
(or thus the official IRC, but discord, pls) so you could be invited to the work server. You will subsequently need to be at least somewhat active on that work server during this multi-week stage or have your track(s) removed from the album and replaced.

- You can start doing so at any point, whether or not you think you won, however you must still work with us during the standalone polish period.
- Helping others with ideas or even collabing is entirely up to you, but highly appreciated.
- But I must be clear: NO COMPLETE OVERHAULS! That means don't just completely change all the melodies, all the backing tracks, etc. and make your track unrecognizable!


- We WILL select secondary winners depending on multiple factors including how they distinguish themselves thematically (example: gold area track + bronze boss fight track) as well as the state at which the track is by the end of the main battle series. Meaning upgrading your track prior to extra selections will definitely work in your favor!
- This means the 10 battles may turn up to 40 tracks if we simply cannot control ourselves out of pure recklessnessHYPE.
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Love this idea!

If anyone here hasn't seen Mark Ferrari talking about how he made those images in the early 90s it is well worth a watch/listen!
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Great link maJsty14!
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Wait he's the legend who worked on the early LucasArt adventure games artwork!? Mind fucking blown

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