How do I change my profile's country flag?
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post #126749 :: 2020.09.08 8:16pm
Hi, so I just wanted to know, how do I change my country?
It seems that BotB automatically assigns BotBrs to countries, but so far I saw no way to set it manually.
The weirder thing is that at first it said I'm from Italy, which is the truth, but then it recently changed to France (with my first battle entry), then briefly back to Italy, and now it's back to France again.

Is there actually a way to set your country manually, or do I have to hope for admins to eventually change it for me?
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post #126757 :: 2020.09.09 1:38am
  Gaetano96 liēkd this
its changed based on your ip. no way for me or anyone else to change it manually.
the ip-lookup-table probably needs to be updated again
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post #126773 :: 2020.09.09 10:55am
  kleeder liēkd this
Oooohhh, alright that makes a lot of sense actually.
Come to think of it, I was always showing up as "from France" whenever I used my phone, while I'm now showing up as "from Italy" (the correct one) because I'm using my PC.

For the record, I have almost always GPS off, I never really use it except when I need it. That might be why. It's still a bit weird though, but at least now I know. Thank you! <3

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