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post #14150 :: 2010.11.30 6:15am
  kleeder liēkd this
a thread of three partzszsz

first part:
hello for people who haven't seen it yet i made a program for making chiptunes on the pcspeaker called "fsound". we did a couple of ohcs (as wildcard format) with it and they were fun. since then i have added windows version/wav writer for even easier.
downloadings at https://sites.google.com/site/splonglewongle/FSOUND.zip

second part:
if you took part in one of those two ohhcs i put your song in that zip for people to have a look at, i hope you don't mind, tell me and i will take it out

so the third part:
what license is songs on botb under? public domain? cc? all rights reserved? botb license? i saw shiru did the musicdisk for the beeper tunes and i assumed that no one woudl mind so i put the songs in the fsound zip, was that rash?!


thanks for reading my thread! :D
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post #14163 :: 2010.12.01 6:41pm
ant1, I don't know if you've been answered in IRC yet or not, but all songs made on BotB are in the public domain. Or, the very least from what I can remember from an IRC discussion, anyone is able to use any content created on BotBr for any purpose. This prompts me to make a new discussion thread, thanks! :D
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post #14174 :: 2010.12.04 4:46pm :: edit 2010.12.04 4:56pm
Hey, this exists now: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6443934/nfTracker.7z

It's not very good, kind of a mess now, but it works, and it exists! You can enter your fsound notes with a normal tracker layout!
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post #117106 :: 2020.01.20 10:08am
  null1024 liēkd this
not having much hope 9 years later BUT im asking anyway.
null1024: do you still have that file and could offer a fresh and working link? :o
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post #117140 :: 2020.01.21 10:37am
  xterm and kleeder liēkd this
here we go
as an aside, this program really, truly sucks

it was still in my dropbox folder
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post #117141 :: 2020.01.21 10:48am
thank you! ^o^

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