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post #124274 :: 2020.08.01 8:25am
Okay, I've heard several mp3 renders of looping tracks that have a nice fade out at the end, even though that isn't in the actual file. It sounds way nicer than just abruptly cutting off the track! However, I've also seen folks mention that you shouldn't upload an mp3 render that changes the original in any way, including a fade out.

So . . .

What's best practice for this and can we get it posted in the lyceum or somewhere? If I can fade out my loops I'd like to, but I haven't been because I didn't think I was allowed to!
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post #124275 :: 2020.08.01 8:30am
  RazerBlue6, VinsCool and maJsty14 liēkd this
oh, i like doing two full playthoughs of the song and a ten second fadeout (into the “next loop...
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post #124280 :: 2020.08.01 9:37am
That's what I do everywhere else, but I was told at some point that wasn't something to do here?
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post #124283 :: 2020.08.01 10:47am :: edit 2020.08.01 10:47am
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For tracks that don't loop, you don't have much choice but to leave it as is.
But on the other hand, if your song is designed to loop, then some people like rendering it looped once or twice. There's no rule set in stone as to how to handle this, it's a matter of personal preference. Some people are going to grumble about that but that's it lol
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post #124287 :: 2020.08.01 12:09pm
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whatever you do, don't let it loop until it times out in winamp :D
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post #124294 :: 2020.08.01 1:47pm
Cool, I'll do fade outs from now on!
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post #124299 :: 2020.08.01 6:30pm
  VinsCool and tennisers liēkd this
the general idea of a render is to annoy the synclisten host. so the best practice depends on the host for the major battle.
robyn for example hates fade outs, loops, fade outs and actually everything thats not a clear outro.
some other people (azura) are totally fine with falling asleep to a renoise track and let it play on loop for 3 hours. you wanna submit a 3hour-render in that case.

okay to be more serious, it was already answered before. i usually loop twice and fade for loop-songs. but only if the total render is not longer than 3:30 after that
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post #124315 :: 2020.08.01 8:37pm
I love longcatislong renders.
I'm guilty of that.

But yeah loop twice and fade out seems the general format for songs that loop.

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