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Level 27 Chipist
hospital boy is an important member of the website and you should let him enter as many songs as he wants. i do not intend to let this go until you apologise to him and let him enter as many songs as he wants, you are not being fair or charitable to him
Level 23 Chipist
post #123118 :: 2020.06.27 7:06pm
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I'll take one!
Level 15 Grafxicist
post #123123 :: 2020.06.28 6:11am
Wait what happened
Level 27 Chipist
post #123124 :: 2020.06.28 6:14am :: edit 2020.06.28 6:21am
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admins told him to stop entering songs cuz they thought entering lots of songs on alt accounts was “against the spirit of botb”. there is literally almost nobody “more in the spirit of botb” than hospital boy so i am contesting this
Level 12 Criticist
post #123126 :: 2020.06.28 6:58am
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I looked around in the Lyceum, and as far as I can tell the only explicit limit on alt accounts is that you can’t use them to vote on your own entries in a battle.
Level 27 Chipist
post #123128 :: 2020.06.28 7:53am
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I think nobody is going to feel absolutely happy with whatever measure is put in place for a situation as unique as this. But to treat a compo being almost half bombarded by one person as ‘not a problem, suck it up normies’ is not a good enough response either. I’m aware that my own bias towards it is also steered by how much I like/not like the music too. I have a feeling your response may be different if it was 100 entries of derivative mega man .nsf that you felt obliged to listen and vote on.
Level 27 Chipist
post #123129 :: 2020.06.28 8:08am :: edit 2020.06.28 8:12am
  hanna and petet liēkd this
oh, is that not the norm? (laugh

ok i'm being rude. but i feel like people reacted mainly to his personality. (keep in mind, the person who gave him the reprimand regularly enters 30+ songs into compos themselves. albeit in different formats. it's not a bad thing! in the sample pack contest community kris troutman regularly writes half the songs! it didn't damage the community a bit! they all love him!

it's only upsetting to me when somebody who is clearly here in good faith to share the music of his heart is rebuffed. i wouldn't have done this apologetics for kajingsol. (well, i did at the time. but i wouldn't do it now!)
Level 10 Chipist
hospital boy
post #123131 :: 2020.06.28 8:27am :: edit 2020.06.28 8:31am
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They've said before several times they're really happy to host me and my accounts on here; what he's saying is use the "manage collaborators" button and post the songs from one account (that represents my Chip Troop).

I'm sure give it a day or two and it will turn out to be for the better that someone finally said something (I was anticipating this so...) Thx everybody
Level 22 Chipist
post #123133 :: 2020.06.28 8:41am
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to me there's nothing wrong with submitting a flood of entries with alt accounts. each of us has a limited amount of time to spend on entries, some chose to spend that time on a small number of well-crafted entries, some submit lots of material that would've deserved more development. some are skilled enough to deliver numbers of consistently great entries, and when you think of it, that my friends, that's what's unfair! excellency! ew!

i would add that imo a lot of the charm of botb is due to the tolerance towards alt accounts and a taste for unusual/cryptic behaviour. it's all fine as long as there is no blatant disrespect and no cheating.
Level 23 Chipist
post #123140 :: 2020.06.28 11:33am
  VirtualMan and hospital boy liēkd this
wouldn't it count as cheating though, since there's a deliberate limit of one entry per format per user per major, and the only way around it is to make multiple accounts? also, where's my free hospital boy?
Level 20 Chipist
big lumby
post #123148 :: 2020.06.28 3:45pm
  sean, YQN, tennisers and charlotte liēkd this
i mean all of his alt accounts get last every single time so it really doesn't count as an unfair advantage in terms of numbers. if anything, i'd have to agree with keffie after looking into the situation; it's a bunch of noise, sure, but it's not to the point of being unfair and disadvantageous. in fact, it's absurdness goes in line with botb's spirit, imho. it's just as weird as most of the other botb memes so i don't really see much wrong with it.
Level 10 Chipist
hospital boy
post #123150 :: 2020.06.28 6:10pm :: edit 2020.06.28 6:17pm
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We shall convene the Sanhedrin to decide this matter
Level 25 Mixist
post #123156 :: 2020.06.28 9:29pm
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FWIW, all the recent forum postings and musics from Snakey Poobah and the Chiparoo Crew are the most fun I've had on this site since Aji's old avatar strutted in. Keep this crazy train rollin'!
Level 11 Chipist
post #123158 :: 2020.06.28 9:49pm
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It's fascinating, I must say, hospital boy is a core part of BotB! :D
Level 9 Playa
post #123162 :: 2020.06.29 12:14am
the first rule about hospital boy…

… is that i am also hospital boy
Level 15 Playa
post #123165 :: 2020.06.29 12:53am
  charlotte liēkd this
I feel like a n00b for asking:
Can somebody explain Snakey Krew to me?
Level 27 Chipist
post #123168 :: 2020.06.29 2:57am :: edit 2020.06.29 4:19am
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If I enter a competition, I feel obliged to vote and listen to everything because of the effect of voter strength. This is a drag if on a subjective level there may be many tracks that are not worth my time. If the calculation for that was changed so that if you voted on say, more than 20 entries in a compo, that it would count as full voter strength rather than an increment/percentage of voter strength, I wouldn’t have to fret about wasting my time voting or listening to particular tracks if I don’t want to, and I wouldn’t get penalised in the voting experience for it, and the effect of having a swathe of tracks from multiple alts is lessened on the voter/person looking to enter.
Level 22 Pixelist
post #123218 :: 2020.07.01 2:20am :: edit 2020.07.01 2:22am
  RazerBlue6 and big lumby liēkd this
I don't have much to add, other than that i fully agree with GTAP on this matter.

That's not meant to target a specific person or make anyone feel unwelcome or shun them. Everyone should abide by some rules/and common sense and personally i think that entering a compo using main account + a single alt for some less serious submission is fine.

On the other hand, if you create 5 alts just to spam the compo with your stuff, then i recognise it as a problem, because as was mentioned earlier. it's spammy and feels like an attempt at stealing the show.
Level 16 Mixist
Public Toilet
post #123223 :: 2020.07.01 1:03pm
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the point of music site is to encourage people to make more music, if someone makes more music that is always a good thing
Level 18 Chipist
Modus Ponens
post #123227 :: 2020.07.01 3:21pm
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Yes I am interested, how do I sign up to receive my free hospital boy
Level 22 Chipist
post #123252 :: 2020.07.02 4:51pm
from what i've seen i don't think anyone this summer is trying to steal the show, i've only seen enthusiastic music submitting
Level 22 Mixist
post #123254 :: 2020.07.02 6:18pm
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whomst’ve the FUCK is using public toilet to post heartwarming shit
Level 21 Playa
post #123270 :: 2020.07.04 3:53pm
  YQN liēkd this

for collaborations, are the points that are awarded after the battle split amongst all collaborators, or are they duplicated and given to each? if the latter, then it's kind of cheating to put all your alts on all your entries as collaborators, because then you're netting like 6x the points total. (but that's only an issue if the points are awarded the 2nd way, and i don't know if that's the case)

i remember there was some talk about having a way for alts to be explicitly linked, and a possible feature where you can dynamically switch between alts instead of logging out and back in. we would encourage users strongly to register their alts (cue new world order/holocaust reference), and/or we could have alt associations be set by admins and not user-removable. like an ailment (lol)

this feature would allow for at least three technological solutions for various aspects of this social problem:

- split an entry's points evenly amongst alts when they collaborate together
- automatically disallow voting on an entry by an alt (the way you can't vote on your own entries)
- prohibit voting on an entry more than once by using an alt

(i'll see if i can find a thread about this feature request so i can add these ideas, btw)

also, to make it clear, i'm an admin and i'm pro-hospital krew too <3
i haven't been paying attention to what's been going on, but i agree with kf's premise as written.

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