Come check out my new racing game concept album!
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post #123037 :: 2020.06.24 5:52pm :: edit 2020.06.25 7:59pm
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Yo peeps! I'm having a listening party 06/25 at 9pm CST for my brand new Fusion Racing Game concept album Downforce! I was inspired to make the album after working on "Satin City" (from Spring Tracks IX). Come join for some funky tunes, beautiful artwork, and imaginative narratives! I'll post the bandcamp link afterwards, once that goes live. Cheers!

*edit:* It's up on bandcamp now!
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post #123038 :: 2020.06.24 5:53pm
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post #123064 :: 2020.06.25 7:09pm
Bump, happening RIGHT NOW
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post #123067 :: 2020.06.25 9:18pm
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post #123229 :: 2020.07.01 3:22pm :: edit 2020.07.01 3:23pm
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Maybe someone should make this Downforce racing game. I like the music alot.

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