HOW TO modify your .WAV FILE or Data Bend your wav file
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1 download notepad++

2 view your wav in Hex Editor

3 modify your wav by clicking view in 64 bits so you can type faster by editing in your DUMP file, then copy and paste the entire view of the dump 3 more times below your copied full page selectrion (Think, NANOLOOP style copy and paste.

Select a whole view, then using your Mod wheel on your mouse scrool down 4, 8, or 16 clikcs

Now use your giant selection and copy and pasts.

Click save as and save as all files and include .WAV in file

Now render your MP3 with audacity or audition in highest bitrate under 10mb

NOW you know how to Data Bend.

Data Bending MP3 is not recommended by Botb INcarnate's sacred sayings. "Mod... in ... wav... not... in mp3.... humanoid specemins"

Becasuse your .wav will play and the .MP3 might not. That is all


THen save your MP3 in highest bitrate possible for Track SUcesss

Lower Quality .Wav files (How do i do that) sound better by the way, makes it even soiund equal to a records (have to have old school computing skills to render lo-fi wav)!

Another Note is that if you are not pasting in (Say, exactly the left side of the line), then you will get more noise and distortion-- this is as Notepad++ moves all of the data ahead-- it is not a mix paste function, it moves all the data ahead of the clicker by that much code (by the amount of code you are pastings). So you get more "effects", such as noise and distortion, by 'Shuffling" the data more by pasting in more random places and displacing code out of place.

The more astheticly pleasing approach is to do things in patterns based on the number 4, and to stick to rectangle shapes of code copy and paste, and of course, to paste all the way on the beginning of the code line, using the technique above. We hope that everyone enjoys what they hear; another idea is to start with a small .Wav file like a drum beat with a melody, or a vocoder or vocal track.

Here is our latest Data Bent Song, Called "Song Just Started Data Bent Edition" by WHy Wou and Gojo:

from Why Wou, TIt▼nFunk and Yekans

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Here is an example, here are two New Data Bent Songs called

1. Walk In Field Biz.

2. Walking To The Kwik Shop

THanks EVeryone!

Here is the page with all the latest data bent stuff is posted... The Volume is Loud usually on the Data Bent Files, we are now including warnings with the file attatchments! Sorry about that!
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Dear reader, if you are going to play these, be advised that

Recall that time you renamed mspaint.exe to mspaint.wav and played it.

That being said, interesting listen :)
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We Turned down the volume by -3 and -4 DB on our new Data Bent songs including this new one:

Here is our latest one for a "cleaner" example of data bending when you follow the patterns and Paste only at the beginning of your Dump lines in Hexadecial:

Audacity Free is very good at preserving all of the data bent sound when you open the Wav files. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback YQN.

This is kind of where I would like to get a Data Bending interest sparked, because I know what some of the code adept people on here could do if they figure out how to Data Bend their music videos and songs! We usually use rather random type of Chips to make these songs, so just imagine what the data bends and skips will sound like on a well-made track. Thanks everyone.

Some of the multimedia that interested me the most that I have ever seen was a TV movie that was glitching (digital cable box) in the weather. It was amazing; the symphony sound of the orchestra glitching, with the wind moving through the haywire trees.

Professor Wou's latest Data Bending lecture:

"If anyone wants to learn how to Data Bend Wav files let me know, we know how to put split-seccond loop glitches on .wav files without shuffling and distorting any other song data Very Effective Technique check out my recent and updated Data Bending Tutorial topic on the noob s0z forum topic.

When we approach data bending? We realize that programs must be written to modify code in patterns, paste in code from other .wav files in folder banks, and there is considerable need for coherent .mp3 and .Wav file data bending. The "find and replace" function could be modified to replace that.

I'm afraid that adding a plug-in to Notepad++ that is, Advanced hexadecimal editor, is essentially what I'm after, although copying and pasting the entire Dump column into another program really won't be that troublesome. So the same program could modify any file data and my elaborated point is that I'm highly interested in micro-modding these .wav files and pushing DataBending to the next level with some .Exe programs

The microglitches with code essentially must map out on a chart the Unicode symbols and their corresponding role in the .Wav file. Should these be mapped out in patterns with, I don't know, math algorythyms and fractal stuff, one could essentially data bend not only to a .bpm but with fractal patterns that mod either the time, amplitude, frequency, or any combination of those variables."

Thanks, from Why Wou
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