Spring Tracks IX synclisten!
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post #120261 :: 2020.05.10 6:20am :: edit 2020.05.10 6:23am
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Hello! Thought I'd try out hosting a synclisten this time around! Although due to my limited time I'll be doing it slightly differently than normal.

I'll be going live on twitch.tv/ipidev
at 7:45pm BST today - that's 15 minutes before submissions end! Then as soon as voting opens I'll start off by streaming the classic module formats - that's mod04k, mod12k, mod64k and maybe classic s3xmodit if I get time!

To follow along, I'd suggest looking at each format on the battle info page - I'll be going through the entries in the order listed there.

If everything goes well I'll stream some of the other formats in coming days. I'll update this thread with details of those streams as they arise.

So drop by in Twitch chat or in Discord (or in IRC via vombot) and listen to some tunes!
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post #120334 :: 2020.05.10 4:59pm
additional info: ipi is gonna stream more formats during the week (around the same daytime) and also next weekend. be prepared!!
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post #120434 :: 2020.05.11 1:38pm :: edit 2020.05.15 3:27pm
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I think I've got a plan for the remaining streams. I'm aiming to have longer streams with the more popular formats on the weekend so mor people can join in, and shorter streams midweek. Here's the schedule (subject to change):

Wednesday 13th May, 8pm BST: bytebeat, Deflemask, klystrack, LittleGPTracker, NTRQ (34)
Saturday 16th May, 7pm BST: allgear (60)
Sunday 17th May, 8pm BST: 0CC-Famitracker, MIDI, MT32 (44)
Wednesday 20th May, 8pm BST: Panda Tracker, Puredata, PxTone, Renoise, Snibbetracker, SunVox, VCV Rack (38)

I'll have tracker views for 0CC-FT and maybe Deflemask. I'll try figure out something more interesting for the rest but we might end up staring at a brick wall.

UPDATE: No tracker view for Deflemask as it doesn't capture correctly in OBS and its Windows UX is awful.
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post #120839 :: 2020.05.15 3:29pm
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Updating the Saturday stream to 7pm BST as we have about 3 hours of music to get through!

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