NEW VGMCK Fork [1.2]
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post #118934 :: 2020.04.06 7:32pm :: edit 2020.04.22 4:02am
  Xyz liēkd this
Hi, this is the teen who made "How NOT to Make Chiptune" and successfully failed his task.

Jokes aside, I have forked zzo38's VGMCK MML to VGM compiler:

- The EoF offset will now be set to the correct value. VGM players will no longer complain about this when playing exported tunes.
- The commend line syntax has been improved.
New syntax: vgmck {input.mml} {output.vgm}
- Some redundant features have been removed. (-L option, directly write MML in cmd)
- The T6W28's LFSR has been corrected to 15 bits. The chip is now detuned to account for this.
- 2 example MML files + a template MML file have been included.

I hope MML composers will appreciate this.
Can we get more T6W28 tunes thx
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post #118937 :: 2020.04.07 3:14am
  TakuikaNinja liēkd this
I've never had a serious attempt at learning VGMCK because it just feels like 75% of the documentation is missing.

(it still feels this way)
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post #118939 :: 2020.04.07 5:10am
I can agree with that myself; it assumes prior knowledge of composing with MML. I could only find one VGMCK MML file (which is from zzo38 himself) online, so I had to make another one on my own to learn the gist of it. I'll see if I can write up a tutorial document, if that helps.
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post #118955 :: 2020.04.07 2:16pm :: edit 2020.04.07 2:16pm
I have loads of prior experience with mml. VGMCK just doesn't tell you what lots of what it has, does.

For example, in #EX-???:
"After that you have optional parameters with the letter to identify, equal sign, and value."
What are the optional parameters? what do they do? what will an equal sign do? what will entering a value do? How should I format that?
Level 11 Chipist
post #118959 :: 2020.04.07 5:38pm
  Xyz liēkd this
I suppose I could edit the included document and upload it as a wiki.

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