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Hi folks, I've lurked here for a while but never posted anything. Over the past couple months I've been developing a new tracker and sound routine for the original Game Boy and I thought y'all might be interested :)

The goal for this project is to have an easy-to-use program which runs on a PC, similar to FamiTracker, which creates output small and fast enough to be used in a real homebrew title (can't do that with DefleMask or LSDJ!)

Right now, it's in a pre-release state (and isn't being released anywhere but here) because there are a couple of rough edges and unimplemented features yet, but it's still about 95% usable and can export .GB files that run on real hardware, and .GBS files for playback programs.

There are a couple of example tunes you can check out to see the basics of how the program works, but if you make anything cool yourself I'd love to hear it and include it with the distribution!

Right now it's only for Windows. There's a Linux build, but it's not quite ready for prime-time, so if you want it please contact me on Discord (superdisk#5726, and I can be found in Cave Dingle as well!) and I'd be happy to help you get it working. I'd like to extend a big thanks to B00daW for patiently helping me debug Linux issues. If you find any bugs, please let me know!

Download link is here:

Read the (unfinished) manual for information about effects, hotkeys, and more :)
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post #117258 :: 2020.01.27 5:46pm
  xterm liēkd this
it's a shame I was already working on my game boy entry when I saw this, but I think I'll actually give this a shot as one of my 100 later on
Level 20 Chipist
post #117267 :: 2020.01.28 3:47am :: edit 2020.01.28 3:56am
  different liēkd this

EDIT: remind me to mess around with this (maybe even host an OHB?) when i get back from work)
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post #117270 :: 2020.01.28 10:57am
  different and DevEd liēkd this
ohb would be sick
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post #117271 :: 2020.01.28 11:07am
  Jangler and DevEd hæitd this
DevEd, don't bother. gbs exports don't play nice with GBS2GB. plus they fail to play in NEZplug++
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post #117272 :: 2020.01.28 12:27pm :: edit 2020.01.28 12:51pm
  raphaelgoulart and djmaximum liēkd this
Yeah, the GBS format specifies that the code offset needs to be greater than $400, to allow for GBS2GB to work. Since HT generates GBS files by simply building the GBS header straight into the file with the assembler, there's no feature to allow for an offset different than zero (without a ton of hacks). The GBS files that HT generates work in Bleep! though, and I figure they should probably work in any other PC-based player. Curious that it doesn't work in NEZPlug....

The offset feature is coming to RGBDS in the next release apparently, so this issue should be fixed as soon as that happens.

Looks like NEZPlug++ is actually the buggy program. Audio Overload and Bleep! both play the GBS files fine. If you want to render on hardware, the tracker also supports exporting a .GB file directly.

I'll see what I can do about getting the .GBS files to play in NEZPlug++.

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