buying kontakt 5 full version
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post #116226 :: 2019.12.19 2:40pm :: edit 2019.12.20 9:13am
Bought, thanks :)


I've searched various google queries to try to find if this is frowned upon/not allowed here, in which case sorry and please delete the thread :<

For the first time in a long while I need kontakt full version for a library that requires it. I even had kontakt full version once but I had to sell it :(

In case you don't know, native instruments allows you to sell your licenses.

You can buy kontakt 6 for $249 by crossgrading from the free library drum mic a (I am not 100% confident you can still get it but about 70%). This is an upper bound for how much it could possibly cost (since that's the price of a new license of kontakt 6).

Obviously since that's the price for a new license I'd like to spend less. $125 maybe?

I hope I've had enough community interactions where I wasn't a complete ass such that I have a bit of trust. I can provide to similarly old/full accounts a redacted version of my Italian ID card, or if the seller is someone very well known within botb I can just pay, then have the seller wait for a bit to make sure everything cleared, and then they can send me their license

thanks for listening :)
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post #116230 :: 2019.12.20 10:05am
you're welcome!
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post #116232 :: 2019.12.20 11:53am
glad this worked out
i have no idea why you need the full version
making your own instrument for it?
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post #116233 :: 2019.12.20 12:21pm
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Some libraries require the full version.
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post #116611 :: 2020.01.02 10:22am :: edit 2020.01.02 10:22am
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Swashbuckling bilgerats!! Arrr ye saying there be somethin wrong with piracy, ye filthy LANDLUBBER?!

I oughta keelhaul all you...
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post #117304 :: 2020.01.31 11:00am :: edit 2020.01.31 11:22am
Which version did you buy, I need the early 5 full version, the earlier the better?
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post #117503 :: 2020.02.09 7:52pm

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