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Level 28 Hostist
post #13166 :: 2010.04.11 8:25pm
When you go to the Arena you only get a menu and a hello. :D

I want to fill it with a 'WHATS FRIGGIIN HAWT' list. Looking for creative input on my idea here, as always. Each entry has a some kind of chart score integer number thing. It goes up by one for every listen/view/donload. It goes down by some arbitrary number, say between 2 or 5, every day.

...and a wacky idea -- a new entry gets a starting score of 50 or 100, final score gets added to it at the end of the battle.

I think the plays/views/donloads should only count for logged in BotBrs, making it truly a BotBr Pop Chart and not a Skinless Leach Pop Chart... :D/
Level 27 Mixist
post #13174 :: 2010.04.11 9:55pm
i have an idea for this....something like...

-BEST PLAYBACK TRACK (TIME:WEEK // the track with more playbacks with the flash thing player)

- SHAMELESS TRACK (TIME:WEEK // the track with the less score)

- BEST AND WORST OHC (TIME:WEEK // the one who got less and more points)


- USERS (TIME:WEEK // the one who earned more boons)

and so on!... there is a looot of ideas in this way! XDD...
Level 23 Renderist
post #13177 :: 2010.04.11 10:43pm

TOP TEN TRACKS BY COMPO (Higher Up-bottom).
Highest scoring tracks of week/moths for compos/one hour battles.
Most used pallete.Most replied topic.Must be heard tracks (for those unheard gem tracks done in one hour battles that are excellent one way or another (melody+technical+samplemanipulation or otherwise) despite of having won/lost (user nominated(6-7 nominations(lasting two weeks-amonth listed in people's profile))) Kulor's entries come to mind. tl's as well though he's busy lately :(

Titstatical data about most played entries,most used category for ohbs (maybe so that other formats are used) Hell, suggesting format banning for ohbs so that famitracker/asscii ohbs are not done too much and people try other formats. This is mean, I know XD
Eventually What's needed/help wanted > for icons making, and site revamps (though I guess a forum thread would do the same, but if listed on profile it'd be even bolder) besides the front page, my profile is what I visit most, but you know, adversiting and over using ads do help sell ideas-gather help.

Wacky idea is wacky. Could be put in motion a certain day a month, I mean it'll favor/hurt users who might be very sensible about winning/losing conditions and fairness, notheless life gives up such fates in our destiny to be faced! *n00bsdom!

Points only for logged BotBrs? I agree.
Level 31 chipist
post #13178 :: 2010.04.12 12:25am
and a botbrs top 3 submissions by points should be in their profiles! or does this suggestion belong in the profile organizing thread... iz confused :S
Level 28 Hostist
post #13183 :: 2010.04.12 11:07am
Chip Champion -- the number used to sort the Pop Chart could easily double up for sorting stuff on a profile page

This thread is only meant to be about what affects that Pop Chart number for each entry. I don't need a list of list ideas. Just one list and a way to sort it!

Favorites and number of tags could also affect the chart.

I think there should be a base number for new entries so it's harder for really old ones to rise back up into the chart. Since the number is decreased every day maybe it should never go below zero.

Final score being added to the number at end of battle might not be as big a deal with the high base number. Final scores are between 5 and 35. Or... the final score is divided by it's rank in the battle... so 1st place gets their full score added to the number, 2nd place gets half, 3rd place a third etc... Which would help to place winning mini-battle entries up into the list!
Level 21 Chipist
post #13184 :: 2010.04.12 12:31pm
I honestly don't know what to say.

I know this is a battle site and all, but on a personal level I upload things here for the sake of sharing my work . . . don't really take it to any sort of competitive level.
Level 28 Hostist
post #13185 :: 2010.04.12 3:47pm
Zero, the real point to BotB is active participation. The challenge of battle is meant to reinforce artistic growth. BotBrs who are active members of the community learn from each other.

But this is all complicated by the fact that I've always wanted to make a game that people like to play. So we've got BotB. I found something that people already like to do (including myself) and made a game out of it with rules, results and archives.

I'm just trying to figure out what to fill the big empty space on the Arena's landing page! :D

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