Request: .zip as an allowed file type for fSound entries
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post #116053 :: 2019.12.08 5:24pm :: edit 2019.12.08 5:25pm
  Quirby64 and argarak liēkd this
i already had a discussion with slimeball and maybe someone else about this one year ago.
i found out that you can change the two samples kick.raw and snare.raw to something else and are able to use them in your fsound track. this would open up new ways of working with fsound and stretch the limits of the format (which is in fact limited to one channel and squarewave/white noise only).

my suggestion of adding .zip as an allowed file type for fsound was pretty much rejected because "it would open up the possibility to just submit a complete song made in another tool, converted to .raw and inserted into fsound as long as its less than 10mb zipped" and while this is still true, i wonder why this is an issue..?

i could do this in a lot of formats with pcm support, why shouldnt it be allowed for fsound? if someone is doing the very very lazy way of submitting an fsound entry consisting of a .raw-track played back via fsound, it will probably get downvoted or they would submit it to another format in the first place, since fsound will most likely appear together with 20+ other formats, i guess.

and isnt it one of the goals on botb to try to break through limitations?

there's also a new tool called "fspeed" now, which is able to convert a 44100hz mono wav into a .fss file. it'll mostly sound like crap, but argarak made a very good entry, which uses it here.
its not very different to just inserting a bytebeat render as .raw into fsound. combining fspeed with custom samples would also open up new ways of using fspeed (and fsound in general).
and it doesnt change the fact that you can still do regular pc speaker 1channel music with it.

request: add .zip as an allowed file type.

discussion: if you still think this isnt a good idea, feel free to post a comment. i can understand why it might be bad - because of possible troll entries. but i think the possibility of getting actually good work and clever made entries is higher than that.
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post #116054 :: 2019.12.08 5:28pm
  kleeder liēkd this
probably shouldn't change the rules halfway through F major. beyond that idc
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post #116055 :: 2019.12.08 5:30pm
thats why i'm posting it now after entry period c:
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post #116073 :: 2019.12.09 3:53pm

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