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post #114829 :: 2019.10.16 5:00am :: edit 2019.12.25 4:25pm
  Sapphire Sunsets, Xu, Titan of Plasma, argarak and MiDoRi liēkd this
One and a half month left until it's December again and therefore time to do the next OHB Advent Calender. (Advent Calendar 2018 here!)

I could make a random list of formats again but it might be a better idea to ask, if someone wants a specific format (and on which day i should host the related OHB) to max out the number of participants.

The idea is to host an OHB every day around 10pm CET from Dec 1 to Dec 24, every day with a different format and mostly christmas/winter-related bit packs. There are 67 formats on BotB atm, we will do 24 of them!
Unlike last year, there will be a small reward for the BotBr with [most gold medals / highest average score / most participations / something like that], maybe 560 boons.

Voting period for each OHB could be until the next one starts so that we can get the highest number of voters possible.

Pls give me some Format (+ date) suggestions and more ideas in general, if you have some.

all n00bz :D/

List of every OHB:

Day 1: mariopaint
Day 2: snibbetracker
Day 3: deflemask
Day 4: draw
Day 5: midi
Day 6: aym
Day 7: sexmodit
Day 8: nsf+
Day 9: ted
Day 10: tia
Day 11: sap
Day 12: hes
Day 13: svg
Day 14: pcx801
Day 15: allgear
Day 16: bytebeat1k
Day 17: adlib
Day 18: zxbeep
Day 19: renoise
Day 20: sms
Day 21: spc
Day 22: html
Day 23: ahx
Day 24: mod24k
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post #114851 :: 2019.10.16 1:58pm
  kleeder liēkd this
spc would be cool (preferably later in the advent calendar so i'll have a higher chance of being there to participate but that's just me.)
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post #114880 :: 2019.10.18 11:03am
  kleeder liēkd this
adlib, renoise, bytebeat, svg and html/css (or html5)
these are some of my format suggestions

kinda sucks that december is exam time for me but I think hostering these formats later in december would be good (I still don't know how everything is going to go but I'll try my best to make it!)

if you are going to use these formats and need bitpacks then I'm also willing to help hehe
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post #114882 :: 2019.10.18 12:33pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Nice to have this Xmas event, Kleeder. I hope I have enough time this year to take part in at least some of the battles.

The formats I can do are all the NSFs (classic, normal and +), 0cc, Mario Pants normal or extended and, maybe, maybe MIDI (though I'm a little rusty and idk if I can write anything decent in an hour).

I may participate in an OHB involving the visual formats, but that's far from being my specialty.

As of now, I don't know yet what days/time would be better for me. Just do as your heart feels, Kleed, you're a good hoster.
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post #114914 :: 2019.10.19 2:26pm
  kleeder liēkd this
AYM pls. ST gang needs some love
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post #114915 :: 2019.10.19 2:55pm
  kleeder liēkd this
i don't have a date but i would love some snibbe.
i love snibbe
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post #114929 :: 2019.10.20 11:31am
  argarak and kleeder liēkd this
pc-x801 pls
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post #114935 :: 2019.10.20 12:29pm
  Flaminglog, AutisticApple and kleeder liēkd this
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post #115454 :: 2019.11.09 5:06pm
thanks for all the suggestions :D/
the schedule is almost complete, but if anyone here still wants a format to be in, tell me in the next 7 days and i'll see what i can do c:

im still trying to figure out how to calculate the "winner" aka who's getting the prize of 560 boons as a christmas present.
(update soon, suggestions are welcome)

next up is bitpack-creation. if anyone here already has some bitpack ideas (either for the formats mentioned above or a general theme idea) feel free to tell me here or via discord pm (TimoKleeder#0056)
it doesnt have to be christmas-related all the time (i guess that would be boring 24 days in a row, right?)

@dippy @argarak i guess i need help (aka a samplepack) for spc / renoise
(this is a reminder for myself so that i dont forget to pm you lol)
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post #115457 :: 2019.11.09 6:37pm
  Yung Gotenks and kleeder liēkd this
maybe sgen or sms?
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post #115462 :: 2019.11.10 12:53am
  ovrthrustr and kleeder liēkd this
kleeder: if i come up with some samples evenutally, i'll dm you.
(P.S, i know youve pretty much moved past format suggestions probably, but if it hasnt already been suggested, gameboy would be legit ;) )
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post #115515 :: 2019.11.10 7:25pm
fucc, i work at 1pm on tuesdays to saturdays....
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post #115521 :: 2019.11.10 9:30pm
ahh, time zones always ruining the fun. do you think we could vary the time certain days, just to be more accommodating some of the western time zones? i'm EST (which isn't that bad, admittedly) and i'm sure me and some PST folks could benefit from a later one every so often too.
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post #115527 :: 2019.11.11 5:41am
  kleeder liēkd this
ahx, tia, renoise, and aym please and thank you!
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post #115535 :: 2019.11.11 6:57am :: edit 2019.11.11 6:58am
@Sapphire Sunsets

im very sorry :(
i dont think i'll be able to vary the battle time very much, since i need to sleep and work and uhhh.. all that stuff. + its december so a lot of family activity as well. a fixed schedule is important in this case.

would be cool if there was an option to host 1-day-battles so that timezones doesnt matter, but botb isn't there yet.

the best i could do is delaying the start up to one hour if its necessary.
sorry, maybe next year or at weekends at least ._.

oh and voting will be for ~23 hours, so at least you can vote on the entries.
now that i think about it, i could give small rewards for people who voted on everything as well, maybe 100 boons for every user or something like that
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post #115912 :: 2019.12.02 2:44am :: edit 2019.12.02 2:46am
  argarak liēkd this
New OHB every day until Dec 24 !
Voting Periods are ~23 hours until the next OHB starts, so get your votes on everyone!!
I'll provide a renderpack (zip-file containing the mp3-renders) in the OHB-comments, so watch out for the link if you don't wanna install 3248957 different players and tools :D/


First of all: Criticists! If you vote on every entry (except your own) on every OHB (and only then!!) i'll give you 100 boons on Dec 25!
It doesn't matter if you're not the only one who voted on everything!
Everyone is getting 100 boons! g0g0g0g0 VOTING!
Example: If you voted on every OHB but missed one entry (which is not by you) on one day, you don't get boons. If you voted on every entry, you get boons. Simple

There will be a special reward (560 boons) for the most active participant! This one was tricky, but I hope it works. The winner will be calculated with the following formular: [Average Score] - [Number of days without participation]
Example: If your average score is 35.000 because you only submitted to one OHB and got a perfect all7 vote, your final score will be 35-23 (12), because you missed 23 OHBs. If your average score is 22.465 and you missed only one OHB, your final score will be 21.465
BotBr with the highest final score wins.

Since noone had a better idea, this is how it works this year. Now have fun and everything. and don't forget to VOTE!!

(i just realized it's cheaper if i create a new thread instead of bumping this one lmao)
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post #115915 :: 2019.12.02 8:38am :: edit 2019.12.02 9:12am
inb4 late submit and no b00ns for everybody

edit: oops that doesn't even work
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post #115938 :: 2019.12.03 2:35pm :: edit 2019.12.08 3:32pm
  DevEd and Yung Gotenks liēkd this
the starting time has been changed to 11pm CET (one hour later) from now on!

edit / another update: i actually think its better to use a similar calculation to participants for criticist boon payout. formular is: 100 - [number of missed ohbs divided by 10]
example: you missed 1 ohb, you get 90 boons. you missed 10 ohbs, you get 0 boons

edit 2: not a feature this year, but i got the idea to give 5 boons for every correct author guess (or maybe only 1 boon? idk)
guesses could be sent to me via discord or irc pn. something like that.
2020-kleeder will remember this hopefully!
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post #115995 :: 2019.12.06 2:12pm
SPC, NSF+, PC98, Genesis
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post #115997 :: 2019.12.06 2:46pm
too late, sorry :(
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post #116398 :: 2019.12.25 3:26pm
  zygrunt, Xaser, Titan of Plasma, funute and argarak liēkd this

I used the formular mentioned above to calculate the results.
([Average Score] - [Number of days without participation])

Looks like i won the thing. shit.
new rule: im not able to win my own boons, so instead, the winner is the first botbr != me. and thats argarak!!

kleeder 20632
argarak 19142
JonKaruzu 14232
Yung Gotenks 9461
funute 8529
pedipanol 6951
Flaminglog 6848
Titan of Plasma 6115
TrippleP 5678
KungFuFurby 5675
Baron Knoxburry 3058
NMBoomer 1908
YQN 564
Sinc-X 144
ophicleidon -517
pita -624
tennisers -1780
DevEd -2096
bigSmonkinLoser -2790
Lincent -3201
Tobikomi -3220
Blue_Christmas -4066
pandavova -4848
ordinate -4892
Public Toilet -19326
naan -37629

i cant promise i didnt make a mistake somewhere, this is all calculated manually because i hate my life lol

argarak! you won 560 boons!!! congratulations! and thanks for being around and joining almost every day!!! :O

also thanks to dippy, yuzu and funute for joining a lot of ohbs and thanks to everyone else for joining one or two battles c:

this was, again, a lot of fun!

special thanks to our criticists!! a lot of people voted. but there are only 3 people (apart from me) who voted on 14 or more OHBs!!
thanks to funute, argarak and Titan of Plasma.
THe boon payout is:
argarak and funute: 100
Titan of Plasma: 80

i'll give you your boons after i posted this comment.

as i said, this was a lot of fun, and i'm looking forward to do this again next year! (maybe with a better system and origanization, lets see)

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! all n00bz!
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post #116409 :: 2019.12.25 11:20pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Thanks a lot, Kleeder.

It was an excellent work with the organization of this event, not to mention the renders, which were a godsend (which extends my thanks to Argarak and any other user implicated in rendering).
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post #116410 :: 2019.12.26 12:28am
  kleeder liēkd this
Agreed, thanks for organizing and hosting kleeder! Was a pleasure participating where I could! The boons are also much appreciated even though I've pretty much just been sitting on them lolol

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