html vs. html5 -- whats the difference?
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post #114492 :: 2019.09.29 1:36pm
  argarak, sc00p, petet and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Was having a convo with argarak regarding what the actual difference is between these two formats. In my mind `html` is a throwback to bad 90s and geocities pages where the content was the focus and the look/feel was a complete afterthought. `html5` is everything up-to-date that any modern browser can handle. But where does the real dividing point lie? I've been doing a lot of google searches and it feels like there hasn't been much effort to preserve what old default behavior browsers even had when rendering html files. If we allow javasript which ECMA version do we limit it to? Should we allow CSS element inline `style` attribute only or embedding in the <head> only or more? huh weird css was introduced in 1996 but i don't think i ever used it until 99 maybe? ah html2 was 95 and html3 97

TL;DR -- what should the limitations of the `html` format be?
no javascript?
limitations on css?
a css bitpack to give a page the default style of the 90s?

`html5` will remain the latest and greatest tech supported by multiple browsers!
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post #114499 :: 2019.09.29 4:42pm
  Quirby64, VinCMG, azurglade, argarak, Flaminglog, Savestate, null1024, pipe and petet liēkd this
imo just having no javascript gets the point home and is easiest to enforce
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post #114512 :: 2019.09.30 3:30pm
  azurglade, Xu and Flaminglog liēkd this
css bitpacks are sick tho
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post #114619 :: 2019.10.07 9:24am
  tfx, petet and kleeder liēkd this
in html, animated gifs with transparency and anti-aliasing that doesn't match the background should be mandatory

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