Flashparty 2019 open for entries
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post #114339 :: 2019.09.19 7:19am
  Flaminglog, sc, Yomaru Kasuga and TristEndo liēkd this
Hi! Once again we invite you to Flashparty 2019, a demoparty to be held on september 27-29 in Buenos Aires, Argentina!
You can send yourremote entries, we accept a huge variety of chiptune formats, actually any chiptune format is accepted, we allow 2 entries per artist per category and we also accept remixes.
Nice, isn't it? Check out the chiptune compo rules here: http://flashparty.dx.am/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=27&Itemid=113&lang=en#chiptune

We also have an streaming music compo if what you do can't fit in any chiptune format:

Submissions accepted at flashparty (at) gmx (dot) com until thursday 26 september 23:59 argentine time (GMT -3).

Good luck!
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Yomaru Kasuga
post #114424 :: 2019.09.22 5:34pm
Remixes as a cover? how do I try it this time, Uctumi?

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