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post #111392 :: 2019.06.07 4:28pm :: edit 2019.06.07 4:31pm
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Lots of folks been inquiring how the videos get picked for the Battle of the Bits official youtube channel. I don't know when full automation will happen. It's not the funnest thing to work on. But it's very clear that I can't keep up uploading videos regularly. Also, no matter how objective I try to be in picking entries, there's still most liekly my own personal bias in the way. So let's talk a logical conclusion moving forward here at this juncture!

Eventually there will be a `YT Render` button on entry pages so long as the following requirements are met:
- botbr must be level (6, 8, or 9? or higher?)
- entry must have radio status (score + favorites >= 30)
- entry must not have a preexisting yt render
- entry must not already be in the render queue

here's some UX considerations for when a botbr clicks the `YT Render` button:
- alert modal confirmation displaying boon cost
- alert modal saying `narp enuff boons!`
- have an NPC handle it! :U


Once the yt render is in the queue the `requestee` must wait for the render to be created and published before requesting another. They get an alert when this happens too!

things missing from automation:
- video renderer doesn't handle collabdongs
- video renderer doesn't handle unicode very well or at all
- a public facing http server to handle rendering and yt submission (most likely to be setup where the bots live)
- site side chron job or trigger to tell public facing http server its time to render and publish
- format/battle types -> yt playlist tables

yt_queue (new sql table)
id : autoincrement
botbr_id: requestee
entry_id: darrrr
-- delete row when render is posted

Ok, so, in the meantime, if you really want a chance to get something in the current queue hit me up on chats. Please be respectful; if you already requested something at least wait until its published.
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post #111393 :: 2019.06.07 4:34pm :: edit 2019.06.08 12:56am
this sounds cool, i like the idea of having a button for it and that it costs boons. (maybe 560 boons per render???? :D :D :D )

edit: what if someone else is also able to click that button even when the upload is queued but the boon cost is divided by the number of requesters?

edit 2: whoops! yep i was braindead
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post #111394 :: 2019.06.07 4:39pm
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if you read the current spec the button won't be present if the entry is in the queue -- boons are paid when the entry goes in the queue -- posthumously dividing the boons with sql-fu is outside of the current scope for this feature epic

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