Request: Allowed filetypes for Wildchip and Allgear
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post #111314 :: 2019.06.05 10:54pm
  Flaminglog, lanzhing, Galgox, Treadwell Walden and charlotte liēkd this
I'm requesting that the rules be clarified for both Wildchip and Allgear. says .mp3 is the only allowed format, but further down it says the bitpack can circumvent that. Sounds like you could host allgear, have the bitpack say "draw a picture" and have people submit .jpg and therefore break no rules.

On the contrary, also says .mp3 is the only allowed format and has the same loophole. I don't know if the BotB community has yet come to an agreement on whether ALL wildchips must be submitted as a rendered .mp3 or if they're allowed to submit native formats like .nsf, .vgm, .m, .s3m etc.

My personal opinion is that allgear should have the full force of the hammer and strictly allow only .mp3. But that wildchip shouldn't have to whitelist formats so that new exciting formats can eventually be born.

Either way, some clarification on how the rules currently stand is needed. Especially with STVIII voting happening right now and possible some revisions for afterwards.

tl;dr explicitly allow or disallow .mp3 for wildchip and allgear
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post #111315 :: 2019.06.05 10:57pm :: edit 2019.06.05 10:57pm
  pandavova, Flaminglog, Quirby64, sc, MiDoRi, Jangler, raphaelgoulart, tennisers, argarak, Sintel, Xyz and charlotte liēkd this
we should explicitly disallow .mp3 for allgear
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post #111322 :: 2019.06.06 12:34am
  pandavova, raphaelgoulart, argarak and charlotte liēkd this
i dont see a problem here tbh...
first of all: the allowed file types listed at the top of lyceum articles are outdated sometimes, for example zxbeeper-format dont even officially allow .tap but everytime i uploaded something else a few people complained about it and said i should upload .tap-files.

i'd say, every file type should be allowed for both allgear and wildchip and when you choose a cryptic and unknown file type it should be obvious that people will downvote it because they cant open it. or dont vote on it at all.
formats like nsf and sexmodit are totally fine imo since 99% of botb should be able to open them(?????)

i'm a fan of weird file formats and my opinion is to let everyone upload whatever they want
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post #111323 :: 2019.06.06 12:45am
  argarak, kleeder and charlotte liēkd this
Kleeder beat me to it.

I cannot believe that it's 2019 and the first time I see someone mentioning this.

Common tracker (s3xmodit) formats have traditionally been accepted in Allgear & WC for their ease of playback. I'd say most of the people don't even have a problem with .nsf in Allgear because NSFPlay is such a common tool to have. But if a voter doesn't have required software to play back a song, or the format is uncommon enough, typically someone with sufficient tools will make a "live render" of it so everyone can listen and vote on it.

Simplest solution I can think of would be to just add a rule prohibiting you from voting on an entry if you cannot play it (instead of "disqualifying" it with a 1-vote). Of course submitters should use common sense and make a render of the song if someone asks for the sake of good manners & inclusivity. This means we wouldn't have to add extra restrictions on submit or change existing rules (since the lyceum page already explicitly allows any format in Allgear & WC).

Another solution would be making mp3 mandatory and the only accepted format which would be more fair on the voters but would pose restrictions on the submitters. Some don't want to deal with the filesize problem and uploading times, others like to use tools that may or may not include a convenient mp3 export/wave render feature so they'd rather send a raw file. And of course, if you intend a song to loop seamlessly, that cannot be achieved via mp3.

I think by default Allgear should definitely allow s3xmodit without question for those who wish to use it, while WC could be more flexible, allowing .gb, .vgm and such.
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post #111325 :: 2019.06.06 1:05am :: edit 2019.06.06 1:14am
Not voting on an entry punishes the voter

Seamless looping is possible in mp3 if you just render the loops

Kleeder, let's update all the articles then. Ambiguity sucks.
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post #111326 :: 2019.06.06 1:33am :: edit 2019.06.06 1:34am
  YQN, kleeder, Sintel and ordinate liēkd this
botb has had a pretty strange relationship with not making its rules explicit, i'll admit. people have done very hurtful things over the years just because they *could* do it, and there wasnt a rule explicitly saying *not* to. on the other hand though, the informal "you can get away with strange things" rules have allowed a lot of kind and unique things to happen, which otherwise could not have happened if the rules were made more clear... to me, the "strictness/leniency" of rules matters much less than whether or not people interpret the strict or lenient rules in good faith. if the rules are too lenient, people acting in bad faith will simply skirt them with selfish actions that avoid being considerate to others. if the rules are too strict, people acting in bad faith will simply shark them meaninglessly and in ways that are also inconsiderate to others. in both cases, people are picking a substitute way to keep a community afloat (whether it be their own desires on the one, or impersonal rules on the other) that avoids considering the individual people in the community. it might be worth thinking about this moving forwards...
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post #111329 :: 2019.06.06 5:34am
  raphaelgoulart and Lia liēkd this
"Restrictions on submit

Generally, the resulting submission must at least be a piece of audio or something that can be played back as audio. In other words, anything that isn't audio is off limits.

Accepted file format

Though it's specified that the file format must be an mp3, the format can actually be anything so long as it follows the rulesheet of the battle. "

Reads pretty clearly to me that as long as it bleeps noise/music at you it fits the format.
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post #111335 :: 2019.06.06 8:08am
  argarak, KungFuFurby, raphaelgoulart, MiDoRi, RazerBlue6, kleeder, footprints420 and Lia liēkd this
*sigh* before someone demands voting categories that make sense

MP3 was chosen because its the only format that will play back in all browsers. Upping a flac or ogg is just being a jerk taking up extra space because an mp3 render is then also required. Other than that...

footprints420 got it right by RTFM
which I am so glad hasn't been edited to say something dumberer xD

I don't want to discourage experimental OHB behaviours, but I also don't want people subverting badge mechanics by hosting unearned existing formats in either wildchip or allgear. It's on the honor system. Best practices and all that. Please encourage this path for our culture collectively and wholesomely. hf/gl
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post #111341 :: 2019.06.06 12:03pm
So uploading .nsf is allowed in Allgear?
Level 28 Hostist
post #111391 :: 2019.06.07 4:13pm
it's not encouraged
obviously wildchip would make more sense
but i wouldn't even encourage that

if anyone uses a format that i can't easily open i vote very low

I would rather allow for loose file types than explicitly define what's allowed. Like I said, use best judgement. I am not going to discourage people downvoting because an entry seems off kilter in this fashion.

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