fSound: it2fss converter now with sample, tempo and volume support!
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post #105487 :: 2018.11.19 9:57am :: edit 2018.11.19 11:03am
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hey, whats up!

i've updated the it2fss-converter by jangler and its now supporting

- volume control for square and white noise
- Txx effect (changing speed inside the track)
- the Kick and Snare Samples

That means, the converter now covers all features of fSound! (Loops are not supported, but thats not a big deal because you can just duplicate patterns in mpt)

for further information take a look at https://github.com/kleeder/it2fss3
don't forget to read the comment at the beginning of the .py-script!

Also sort of a feature request: since fsound is supporting samples (2 at least), it's possible to use custom samples as well. the sample-length is limited to a whole note in fsound, so it'd not be possible to just load (cheat) a complete song into your track. (edit: thats not true actually. because if you set the speed to something like 10000, fsound will play the sample for about 2 and a hald minutes. i guess, reducing the upload limit to 256kB should solve this issue)
i request .zip to be added as an accepted file type, so you can submit the custom samples together with the fss (maybe in an upcoming major???)
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Yung Gotenks
post #105489 :: 2018.11.19 11:39am :: edit 2018.11.19 11:50am
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been waiting for you to post this project!
EDIT: Would it be possible to support the arpeggio (either 0xx or Jxx i forgot) effect as well? All it is is rapidly repeating notes, so i'm thinking maybe it would work.
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post #105490 :: 2018.11.19 12:11pm :: edit 2018.11.19 12:32pm
would be possible, but all i would do to implement it would be to look after Jxx commands, changing the tempo to something fast and play the base note followed by xy notes.
you could just do it yourself by changing the speed with Txx for a few rows. same effect, less work for me ;D
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Yung Gotenks
post #105492 :: 2018.11.19 12:56pm
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hmm, never thought about doing it like that. good point.
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post #107447 :: 2019.02.12 3:03pm :: edit 2019.02.12 3:03pm
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for the sake of documentation:
version 0.4.1 (2019/02/12) - fixed a bug where consecutive drum notes would be merged into one

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