I got banned from BotB IRC again! [also vampires]
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post #97670 :: 2018.03.19 3:51pm
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Why did it all start with just one Discord @ everyone ping?
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post #97671 :: 2018.03.19 3:53pm
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is there anymore info here?
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post #97672 :: 2018.03.19 3:58pm
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Well, people were talking about me and my saga of pinging everyone on Discord.
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I'm not on chats 24/7

quit being annoying
you'll learn social skills from moments like this. seems right now that you have no clue how to interact with other people. perhaps instead of studying soundchips because they are so fascinating to you, you could study human behavior because it's very fascinating.

you're young enough now to have time to develop these skills. if you wish to have a job in which you can study and or develop sound hardware, you will need to be able to get a job by understanding the needs of other humans and their businesses. sound chips are designed for a need of humans to experience audio within a budget. budgets are in reference to economy. economies are relative to societies, cultures, and habits. it all comes back to humans and their behavior.

give humans a chance and learn how they work. you won't fail. until then, expect to learn how humans work by being shunned and reprimanded. pain is a signal for change.
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post #97707 :: 2018.03.20 4:37pm
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also, ladies like it when you have sexy fresh breath
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post #97708 :: 2018.03.20 4:59pm
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so Garlic wasn't just for vampires
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post #97741 :: 2018.03.22 3:28am :: edit 2018.03.22 4:53pm
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The classic vampire as we know it is a symbolism mainly for diseases in (eastern European) medieval times. The Chinese Jiang Shi or the Greek Lamiae are often associated with the typical medieval eastern European definition of vampires, but it definitely has its differences. Garlic helps against the "vampire" because it is highly antibacterial. Often, people would slam their doors shut when they'd hear about the sight of a "vampire" near the village. Coincidentally this is pretty much what people did when they heard of the plague outbreaking and having struck people nearby. Post-mortem growth of nails and hair and a variety of sounds actually caused by the slow decomposition of the body (it's disgusting but that's reality, haha) were the main reasons why (naive and brainwashed by the church with no ability of critical thinking) people saw "vampires" in some of their newly deceased and made sure to decapitate them, ram a stake into their heart etc. - probably without any effect against these unpleasant noises, but anyway.. ;) Rabies are often linked to "vampirism" too.
So, while i love Castlevania, it is crucial (ha! see what i did there) to know that Yeshua and YHWH and making a cute cross with your fingers won't help against diseases, but apparently silver weapons do help against "vampires" because *drum roll* they have an antibacterial effect too! By that time, church already destroyed the knowledge of purifying water along with the "witches" and "warlocks" aka. the native European healers who knew it. Instead of drinking water from copper or silver containers, shit got SACKED - copper and silver dishes and cutlery was widespread before, now people were cucked into drinking wine and beer all the time, being told their water is polluted and that there is no safe way to drink it. Scandinavia, to this day, still suffers from the aftermath of having everyone drink alcohol instead of purified water, and alcoholism actually "runs in families". You could almost say the church GAVE people "vampirism".

PS: A more modern association with vampires is that of AIDS. Coincidentally this is a disease too, even a "disease of the blood".


"Results of E. coli O157:H7 destruction on an alloy containing 99.9% copper (C11000) demonstrate that this pathogen is rapidly and almost completely killed (over 99.9% kill rate) within ninety minutes at room temperature (20 °C). At chill temperatures (4 °C), over 99.9% of E. coli O157:H7 are killed within 270 minutes. E. coli O157:H7 destruction on several copper alloys containing 99%–100% copper (including C10200, C11000, C18080, and C19700) at room temperature begins within minutes. At chilled temperatures, the inactivation process takes about an hour longer. No significant reduction in the amount of viable E. coli O157:H7 occurs on stainless steel after 270 minutes."


IIRC, there are quite some cultures (i think parts in India too) where people give copper (or was it silver? i can't really remember, excuse me) plates and cutlery as a gift to newborns. This may look silly nowadays, especially if one doesn't know the reasoning behind, but in older times this probably was something like a "level 1 life insurance" and i'd deem it to be lovely if friends and family want to help protecting my baby from bacterial infection :)

Correction, finger nails, hair etc. does not continue to grow after death, it simply may appear to do so:
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post #97743 :: 2018.03.22 4:49am
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I'm amazed you took your time to write a long and actually substantive post, totally unrelated to the initial subject of this thread Schall.
PS I'd feel bad for just ignoring it, so i have read the entire thing
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post #97747 :: 2018.03.22 5:28am
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Everyone has their good moments, right? Haha ^_~
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post #97754 :: 2018.03.22 8:58am
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I was given a silver spoon when I was born and my grandparents kept a silver item in a bowl or bucket of water.
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post #97756 :: 2018.03.22 9:19am
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it's very cool you stopped by to write that post, knowing the source of the references i use really gives widens my opportunities to employ them better; thaanks, Schallwelle! :D
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since when did vampires have aids. what lifetime movies have u been watching
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post #97764 :: 2018.03.22 3:29pm
Vampires - A myth or an ancient government conspiracy!? Find out more on friday on this network.
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post #97765 :: 2018.03.22 3:34pm
Vampires got banned from BotB IRC again!
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post #97770 :: 2018.03.22 4:54pm
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Charlotte... Interview with a vampire x'DD
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Petition to rename this thread to vampires discussion.
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Petition to let the thread wither away and hopefully not have it making farty or groany sounds while it does so
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Cessor Safari
post #97806 :: 2018.03.23 10:24pm
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ppl r going to hate you dawgydoog, but i dont :J

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