VIC-Tracker 2.0π (finally with note names!)
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I originally explained the reason why this program requires you to enter the number instead of notes is because of screen width limitation. Until I did some more research into VIC chip's features and found out that it could output in any resolution. So I couldn't let that out of my mind and spent an entire day editing the source code...

This mod basically takes an advantage of that and VIC-20's expanded memory behavior that doubles the color RAM's size to 1024 bytes.

Some screenshots

Changes from the original version:
  • 25x28 tiles screen size instead of usual 22x23. Enough to display 16 pattern rows at a time.
  • Notes in pattern editor are now displayed in note names instead of its hex values.
  • Holds are displayed in continuous blocks instead of ++ and tie notes are displayed inverted.
  • New color palette that doesn't hurt my eyes.

However, please note that this is only a GUI mod and no new features has been added. You still need to input the notes like the original version (notes are entered by inputting 0-B, ties are entered by inputting 9-C into octave, etc.)


Okay, time to go back to voting wc13 entries and studying for midterm exam
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post #97053 :: 2018.03.02 1:44pm :: edit 2018.03.02 2:04pm
  raphaelgoulart, puke7 and Sinc-X liēkd this
you're a fucking roll, dude! did you ever figure out how to get the vt>prg converter working for windows? also the arpeggios did not always export properly to prg.

stick this up on your github!
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post #97064 :: 2018.03.02 4:16pm
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nice maybe you can implement a tuned version !
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post #97071 :: 2018.03.02 9:05pm
  Sinc-X liēkd this
Whoops, noticed that I forgot to change the permissions. You should able to donload it now.

Also for the prg converter, I'll look into that soon when I have time.
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post #97073 :: 2018.03.02 9:07pm :: edit 2018.03.02 9:11pm
  anewuser and Sinc-X liēkd this
i had problems with it because it requires perl and libraries that didn't compile well in either cygwin nor mingw at the time. the application would have to have perl loaded into its path.

my second theory is that i was just going to determine what from the *.vt file gets loaded into victracker RAM; use a hex editor to copy those contents; .incbin the song data into the player engine (minus the loader and intro); and make the player play immediately on startup.

there's always that if you can't get the prg converter working.
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post #97079 :: 2018.03.02 11:23pm
  anewuser liēkd this
+1 for trying to get the .prg converter working. I recall contacting the original author of VT (Daniel Kahlin) about that some years back and asking if he can take a look at that issue, but alas, didn't hear any responses :P
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post #97173 :: 2018.03.03 11:42am
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post #98803 :: 2018.05.01 10:54am
Nice work. Problem though - I ran this on two different VIC 20 systems and the screen is now on the lower right hand corner, effectively making it unusable due to everything being cut off. I'm using NTSC systems in the US.

Is there a fix?
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post #98806 :: 2018.05.01 12:41pm
I'm pretty sure the target is a PAL system.
Maybe with a hex editor the position of the screen could be adjusted.
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post #98808 :: 2018.05.01 2:39pm
Makes total sense and I'm willing to have a crack at it. Any preferred tools for such a task? As my status says: n00b.
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post #98833 :: 2018.05.02 10:47am
Whoops, sorry for not responding to your email for a few days.

Yeah, NTSC machine did have different screen location. Just tested in the emulator. So this is actually my fault for not noticing this earlier and I updated the program now. You can just download from the same link again.

Also puke7 pls why the hell you didn't test this for me I meant you have an actual hardware for this kind of thing
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post #98834 :: 2018.05.02 12:19pm
I'm not a big fan of vic tracker, but you're right: I should have tried it.

Still spending too much time making very small progress on my own cross-platform tool.
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post #98836 :: 2018.05.02 12:30pm
@pigdevil2010: No need to apologize! I'm just glad someone somewhere had an update, even if it's just visual. That blue was pretty difficult to stomach. VICMIDI compatibility has been on my bucket list of things I'll never actually get to.

@puke7: Any thoughts on "VIC Duzz It"? Seems to be broken on an NTSC machine, unless of course I'm n00b'n hard.
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post #98837 :: 2018.05.02 12:35pm
I've heard of that before, but I have no idea what it is.
Again, could be a PAL/NTSC issue.
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post #100491 :: 2018.05.31 2:35pm :: edit 2018.05.31 11:32pm
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post #132882 :: 2020.12.18 11:39pm
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The donload link in the initial post is dead, but got the following new link from pigdevil2010, who asked to update it also here:

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