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post #90705 :: 2017.09.22 4:08pm :: edit 2017.09.22 4:39pm
it seems like sometimes when i try to save a module that has adlib instruments, it ends up completely wiping up any note cut symbols and replacing them with the incorrect ones. so then it becomes disgusting sludge music. is this because i entered something in the volume column?? this is frustrating. (i didn't realize that i can just cut the note with release thing, but it still feels unintuitive that i wouldn't be able to cut notes in the same way)

Also for some reason i can't try to load samples anymore without the program crashing, but that might be because my computer is dying
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post #90783 :: 2017.09.25 11:33am
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I'll let Jangler know...
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post #90784 :: 2017.09.25 11:45am
jangler said ": ftr i think the first issue is a s3m limitation and the second is a known-but-mystifying windows-specific issue"
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post #90786 :: 2017.09.25 11:59am
hi tennisers,

ST3 modules only have one type of key off command as opposed to the three types (cut, off, fade) that IT modules with instruments have. schism doesn't have any concept of different file formats except when loading and saving files, so it lets you place invalid things like samples and note cuts in channels you're using for adlib instruments. if you want to "cut" an adlib note, set the volume to zero in the volume column.

note cuts should be replaced by key offs when saving as S3M regardless of anything, though. if that's not happening then that's a bug.

the second issue might possibly be related to ? at what point does schism crash? when you actually try to load the sample?

for follow-ups you'll probably want to PM me on IRC or use the github issue tracker, since i'm not in the habit of monitoring n00b soz forum threads ;(

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