Got the SNES to do a super saw lead
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post #88369 :: 2017.07.22 8:59am
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I got the SNES to do a super saw lead by making a BRR sample that is 8192 samples long, with each saw tooth oscillator being 253x to 259x the frequency of the loop.

Each BRR block uses filter 1, so that each wave oscillation only requires an "impulse" sample, and then a bunch of zeros, so making a super saw lead takes up less computation and also less noisy.

I tried making super saw BRR samples using samplers, but they never came out good. There was never any good looping points, and cross fading just makes it sound hollow. Because of the high frequency content, a super saw comes out quite noisy and filtered with typical BRR converters. So I decided to have the SNES's own 65816 make the BRR samples itself.

Plus the fact that doing it this way feels more "video gamey" and "chip tuney" then using a preprocessed sample that's been to hell and back.

I would post the .sfc file, but there isn't a button to do this on here.
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post #88370 :: 2017.07.22 9:13am
that sounds neat

you could upload a render to soundcloud for we to listen to it and if you would like upload the spc/brr file on dropbox
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post #88379 :: 2017.07.22 11:19am :: edit 2017.07.22 5:31pm
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I'm uploading the entire .sfc file because I'm having trouble making it into an spc or brr file.

Plus, you also get to see a cool animated bullet hell demo, that I worked on a year ago because I was too lazy to start from scratch.

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