linguistic inquiry: what do you guys say when you do exams
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post #86644 :: 2017.06.22 12:27pm
okay so i like HAVE to know this but it seems every english speaking country has a different expression for doing exams, for example:

take an exam

write an exam

sit an exam

what do you say???
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post #86645 :: 2017.06.22 12:29pm :: edit 2017.06.22 12:30pm
also for any weebs, it's 試験を受ける in japanese which is probably like "take an exam" or "receive an exam"??

other languages are okay too!!! (pls give literal english translation too)
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post #86646 :: 2017.06.22 12:36pm :: edit 2017.06.22 3:59pm
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in spanish you "hacer un examen" = lit. "do an exam"

edit: "tomar un examen" = lit. "take an exam" is also used. could easily be a regional thing as it is in english but i'm no native speaker so idk
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post #86647 :: 2017.06.22 12:42pm
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I don't take an exam. I BOOF IT!
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post #86648 :: 2017.06.22 12:45pm
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passer des examens in french, aka "pass" exams
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post #86649 :: 2017.06.22 1:06pm
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post #86650 :: 2017.06.22 1:25pm
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actually in the USA we "fail" exams
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post #86651 :: 2017.06.22 1:29pm :: edit 2017.06.22 1:37pm
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speak for yourself.. I only pass exams ;)
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post #86653 :: 2017.06.22 1:53pm
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eat an exam
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post #86654 :: 2017.06.22 2:12pm
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eat an avocado
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post #86655 :: 2017.06.22 2:30pm
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give an exam
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post #86656 :: 2017.06.22 2:42pm :: edit 2017.06.22 2:43pm
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m9m is that romanian (what is it in the original language)? lol that sounds like someone is handing me an exam
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post #86657 :: 2017.06.22 2:44pm
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write an exam

tho, i mostly oversee exams currently ^o^
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post #86658 :: 2017.06.22 2:44pm
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write an exam sounds like you're the professor creating the exam lol
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post #86659 :: 2017.06.22 2:45pm
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apparently take an exam sounds like someone is physically grabbing your exam and going somewhere with it??
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post #86660 :: 2017.06.22 2:55pm
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track an XM
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post #86661 :: 2017.06.22 3:04pm
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I hate the idea of using weird verbs like take for things where you obviously didn't do that specific verb. For the example of examing, I would say "have an exam".
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post #86663 :: 2017.06.22 3:17pm
game a jam
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post #86665 :: 2017.06.22 3:20pm
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Ive heard take, sit and do in the UK
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post #86666 :: 2017.06.22 3:21pm
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tbh if your professor gives an exam and you don't take it you will probably not get very far in post-secondary education
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post #86667 :: 2017.06.22 3:25pm
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they hold out a piece of paper toward you but you make no move and just have a stare-down for 90 minutes
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post #86670 :: 2017.06.22 4:32pm
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here we dont say exactly "teste" (test) but "prova" (proof), but we obviously translate it as "test" since "proof" in that context wouldn't make sense. that said, we say "fazer uma prova", basically "do a test" (could also be translated as "make a test" but once again it wouldn't make sense in the given context)
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post #86671 :: 2017.06.22 4:38pm
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Adding to jangler's answer it's "dar un examen" for us over here (give an exam)
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post #86676 :: 2017.06.22 6:32pm
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wait so in brazil you guys say do a proof ok wow everything is math
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post #86684 :: 2017.06.22 6:57pm
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post #86685 :: 2017.06.22 7:01pm
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post #86694 :: 2017.06.22 8:45pm
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"去考试" in Chinese.... like "go to exam" I guess
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post #86696 :: 2017.06.22 9:21pm
I have an exam on (day)
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post #86710 :: 2017.06.23 1:57am
@golgi yes that's romanian (i translated it to english literally though and forgot to put the original text), in romanian it's "a da un examen"
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post #86711 :: 2017.06.23 2:21am :: edit 2017.06.23 2:23am
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"Een examen afleggen" in dootch

which literally translates to "traverse an exam"
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post #86717 :: 2017.06.23 5:04am
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I'll tell you what we say

"God pls"
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post #86722 :: 2017.06.23 7:49am
truer words have not been spoken
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post #86726 :: 2017.06.23 9:31am
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"eksami tegemine" which translates to "making/doing an exam"
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post #86733 :: 2017.06.23 10:58am
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you have no idea how interesting this thread is to me
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post #86734 :: 2017.06.23 11:19am
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I cram an exam
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post #86736 :: 2017.06.23 11:48am
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I'm old enough to start getting routine

prostate exam(s)
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post #86781 :: 2017.06.23 6:56pm
I examine an exam
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post #86888 :: 2017.06.27 1:52pm :: edit 2017.06.27 1:53pm
@ Tiido what language is that? finnish? estonian? (sorry i'm dumb lol)
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post #86889 :: 2017.06.27 1:57pm :: edit 2017.06.27 1:59pm
also if i'm really stretching it:

shiken wo ukeru
試験を受ける→試験をウケる (same word, just written in katakana)

ウケる basically means wwwwwww (loooooool) like "this is hilarious" so.....

I laugh at exams.
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post #86891 :: 2017.06.27 2:53pm :: edit 2017.06.27 2:53pm
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Everyone I knew locally growing up called them tests. I only ever really heard it being referred to as an exam on television. Probably because test is one syllable and exam is two. But the 'take' part is accurate.
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post #86900 :: 2017.06.27 6:19pm
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Dimeback made me realized something, like the word the professor, and by extension the students, tend to use depends laregely on the type of class. For example, I don't think I've ever taken a math or physics "test", but many of my required humanities courses only referred to the final exam as an 'exam'. Computer science courses are a mixed bag, but the courses with more math and theory in it always refer to everything as an exam.

Maybe exam is naturally what you'd call something more rigorous and serious?
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post #86901 :: 2017.06.27 6:30pm
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That's a good point. We call exam the final test in a semester, and it's usually super important and screwing up is real bad. Everything else is a test (prueba).

My school had a strange terminology which I don't know if it's used anywhere else. Final tests for every subject were called a prueba global (global test, wtf) and in the spanish and math courses the very final test of the year was an examen (exam, obvious lel) and it was worth like 30% of your final grade. Cue horror music.

To be fair though you had to be an absolutely horrible student to have to take the final exam..... or not, I'm not really sure. Maybe the rare prodigies were let off while the not-so-stellar students had to endure the final instance which would kill them inside slowly. I was the latter bunch for all my student years and never improved lmao.
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post #86908 :: 2017.06.27 7:06pm
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quiz < test < exam in terms of importance here (US northeast). we usually only say "exam" in reference to final exams; everything else is a "test" or "quiz" depending on how long it is.

and most of the time we just abbreviate "final exam(s)" to "final(s)" here anyway so it's a bit rare to hear the word "exam" used in conversation.
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post #86915 :: 2017.06.27 10:47pm :: edit 2017.06.27 10:47pm
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here professors tend to use the word "exam" often and especially older professors, students seem to just say finals when conversing about it.

oh has anyone ever heard the word examination used in an academic context lmao i think i have by this math professor once

quiz: wow okay a game

test: oh shit final boss

exam: Please read the questions and fill in your answers accordingly.

examination: Good (morning/afternoon). Testing will begin after you complete the identification information on your answer sheet. The ○○○○○○○○ is obligated to report scores that accurately reflect your performance. Therefore, exam administration and security procedures are in place to ensure that all of you have an equal opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and that no one has an unfair advantage. Please listen carefully to the following instructions. You must now close all bags and place them on the floor under your chair; you are not permitted to access them, including during the break, until you are dismissed at the end of the exam. The following devices are prohibited: cell phones, smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablet computers, portable listening or recording devices such as MP3 players and iPods®, cameras or other photographic equipment, devices that can access the internet, and any other electronic or communication devices. If you are observed with any of these devices at any time during testing or during breaks, the device will be confiscated, you will be dismissed, and your score may be canceled. If you have any of these devices, bring them to me now. Make sure each device is turned off. You may pick them up when you are dismissed. Are there any questions?
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post #86921 :: 2017.06.28 3:45am
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i say fuck
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post #86923 :: 2017.06.28 3:59am
what zlew said
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post #86927 :: 2017.06.28 8:35am
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re: what golgi said, somewhat ironically the most important exam you will take in high school is called the scholastic aptitude Test, even though you are required to transcribe like a fucking waiver specifically in cursive as part of taking it.
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post #86929 :: 2017.06.28 9:29am
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Prueba de Selección Universitaria, aka PSU, the test every high schooler shits their bed every night about (except me). You take it after finishing high school and it determines whether you work as an [x thing] engineer at [extremely important renowned enterprise], or as a burger and fries engineer at mcdonalds.

It's not actually as threatening because high education options that don't require the test exist, but your possibilities are severely limited if you get a shit score. I got a shit score because I'm a stellar student and I've always been exceedingly good and recognized globally because of it. Anyway I didn't take the test seriously at all and never prepared for it, in fact I was laughing like mad when taking it because of some vandalized posters in the classroom.

[Insert more random ramblings about my life here]
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post #86930 :: 2017.06.28 9:32am
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wow y'all have it off rough, we don't have any "big scary universal exam" like those up here
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post #86934 :: 2017.06.28 1:45pm :: edit 2017.06.28 1:46pm
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i actually had it easy because of it… two whole years of poor performance due to not giving a shit in high school were more than compensated for by a good score on a test that took something like three hours \o/

edit: i forgot the web eats consecutive spaces by default
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post #86939 :: 2017.06.28 3:11pm
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Yes, the double spaces my mother taught me to add after sentences are both wrong by today's standards and ignored by the web. o__O
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post #86942 :: 2017.06.28 6:10pm
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I am the exam. Study me all night baby.

Get ready for a real cramming session!

Is this hole where I sharpen my pencil?

I don't care about your commitments baby. On this test, cheating is definitely allowed.

I know it's big. I wouldn't give it to you if I didn't think you could handle it. Besides, I don't expect you to remember everything. Heheh.

What do you mean, "you pass"? I'm the teacher, I decide whether or not you pass. Don't worry, you'll do just fine once you learn your lesson.
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post #86943 :: 2017.06.28 6:57pm
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wow... this exam is really hard...
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post #87026 :: 2017.07.01 5:14am
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in my regional spanish we say
'presentar un examen' (present an exam)
'tener un examen' (to have an exam)
'voy al examen' (going to the exam)
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post #87032 :: 2017.07.01 8:37am
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so far we have… six different ways to say it in spanish.
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post #87094 :: 2017.07.02 5:21am
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In German, the correct way is "Eine Prüfung/ein Examen ablegen (same as in Dutch, literally: to set down an exam). "Eine Prüfung machen" (to make an exam) is also used (as you can use either machen or tun (to do) for almost anything in German if you don't know the proper verb), but is colloquial and is considered bad style when used in writing. Furthermore, for "Prüfung", schreiben (to write) can be used as well. And last but not least, if you talk about the exam as an event in time, then haben (to have) is also acceptable: Morgen habe ich eine Prüfung (tomorrow I have an exam), but not if you talk about the actual process of doing it.

Furthermore, we kinda have the same multi-level game like in the US. However, the distinctions are not as clear cut.
Test = yeah whatevs
Prüfung/Klausur = ok this shit is serious ("Klausur" is exclusively used in grade 11-13, which only the upper tier of German multi-tier school system offers)
(Abschluss)Prüfung/Examen = final boss

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