Moar mix compos plx
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Level 24 Chipist
post #84653 :: 2017.05.25 9:02am
  kleeder, xterm, charlotte and A-zu-ra liēkd this
I leveled up and got changed to Chipist.

It seems the majors stopped being the "city" (Ann Arbor, Detroit) sample and mix contests and everything is about the "season" contests instead, so there are many chances to score for chips but not so many to score for mixes. Sure, changing times and all that, but maybe we can do more mix things or have the scores multiplied or nerfed to suit how often they are run.
Level 21 Playa
post #85091 :: 2017.06.01 3:45pm
I agree. 25/48 battles inspire me the most :)
Level 21 Playa
post #85218 :: 2017.06.03 12:34am
I guess to clarify, I don't really care as much about the points, as about the almost total disappearance of 25/48 battles...

Also, a lot of people probably won't see this thread because it was posted in the non-front-page-listed n00b forum :P
Level 26 Mixist
post #85333 :: 2017.06.04 9:56am :: edit 2017.06.04 9:57am
I care about my branding, which is why I'm afraid to do anything chipist for months on end

(nevermind the fact that he can, in turn, be a pedagogist for months and still maintain Mixist status)

(or basically everything
except make chiptune)
Level 21 Playa
post #85977 :: 2017.06.10 12:31am
  Galak Sea liēkd this
I'm pretty sure the points disparity happens in part because the number of entries in a battle is part of the equation to determine the points you get when the battle ends. So if you place high in a summer/winter chip battle (which regularly get 200+ entries), you'll get more points than if you placed the same in a mixist battle (which usually get like 20-40).

This nice beefy spring trax should offset that advantage a bit though...
Level 30 Chipist
post #117101 :: 2020.01.20 7:41am
  xterm liēkd this
we really need more 25/48 compos!
Level 25 Chipist
post #117105 :: 2020.01.20 9:52am
  kleeder liēkd this
I wanna try a 25/48 battle, sounds like fun! I haven't had the opportunity to try the remix format in a major battle yet.

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