How do you listen to music on BotB? With or without headphones?
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Galak Sea
post #83953 :: 2017.05.15 2:07pm
  AArt1256, Dimeback, shinichi, Quirby64, MiDoRi and sc liēkd this
Hey everyone,

I was wondering was dispositive you guys use in order to listen to music here in BotB, wether it is for voting or just for fun :) That could be using earphones, headphones, computer speakers, real good speakers...
And also, what do you use for composing!

Because I think this aspect is pretty important, and it also influences the way that we percieive and create music!

So just let me know :)
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post #83954 :: 2017.05.15 2:08pm
  gotoandplay and Galak Sea liēkd this
over-ear headphones when at my desktop, on-ear headphones otherwise. the only time i use speakers is for making sure my tunes sound ok on them :P
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post #83955 :: 2017.05.15 2:09pm :: edit 2017.05.15 2:12pm
  gotoandplay, Galak Sea and Jangler liēkd this
When voting I make sure I am using good equipment. When listening casually I'll still often be using good headphones, but that's not always the case.

My non headphone, casual devices are my Yamaha keyboard and monitor speakers and iphone speaker

Edit2: I sometimes do the "sounds ok" test jangler mentioned as well haha

Edit3: my computer monitor speakers, not the expensive kind similarly named lol
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post #83956 :: 2017.05.15 2:15pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
I use a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M30s. They're lacking greatly in bass so I used an EQ on my mac.
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post #83957 :: 2017.05.15 2:37pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
i switch between ATH-M50x's (closed back) and DT 990 pro's (open back), both over the ear headphones. i have no speakers and regular earbuds won't reach the audio jack in my computer :(
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post #83959 :: 2017.05.15 2:38pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
An average pair of over-ear headphones. Nothing fancy, but never speakers (mostly out of consideration for my roommates).
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Blaze Weednix
I am a professional music producer and as such I use cheap earbuds for everything

You gotta listen to your music how the average joe will do it!!!! !! !! ! !!!!!!!!!
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Galak Sea
post #83962 :: 2017.05.15 2:41pm :: edit 2017.05.15 2:43pm
  Quirby64, mk7 and Blaze Weednix liēkd this
Hahaha Blaze Weednix I like that philosophy!

Apparently many of you use headphones! not too big of a surprise

In my case, I switch between lame earphones, occasionally a great pair of AKG studio headphones, and computer speakers, because I live in a room where i can't bother anyone :P

And I think we have all done that Jangler test already.. ^^
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post #83963 :: 2017.05.15 2:44pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
I use cheap Sony "studio monitor" headphones. They're actually really accurate. I always check masters on my DS-90 Monitors and the mix is almost always close.
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post #83967 :: 2017.05.15 4:12pm :: edit 2017.05.15 4:13pm
  Blaze Weednix liēkd this
I'm on a notebook, so I always use headphones for everything, but nothing fancy, just cheapass Sony MDR ZX310
model. Their frequency response is pretty mediocre, they have overstated, boomy bass and kinda muffled mid-range, which i try to compensate for using system-wide equalization.

Other than that, i also have old Labtec Arena 530 speakers, connected to (equally old) Pentium 4 desktop PC, but i don't really use them anymore. And I hate earbuds, they're the least convenient thing ever imo. [Merio haeitd this :^)]
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post #83969 :: 2017.05.15 4:14pm
My current pair of headphones is a Sony MDR-101. They're my preferred pair.
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post #83970 :: 2017.05.15 4:31pm :: edit 2017.05.15 4:32pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
I usually just listen to music in general with my laptop speakers. Some stuff sounds much better with headphones, but I'm more likely to hurt my ears if i'm wearing headphones because i'm a poor judge of whether something is too loud or not.
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post #83972 :: 2017.05.15 4:44pm
  TMM12 and mk7 liēkd this
I usually listen to stuff on my headphones, on my phone I use earbuds. And that's kinda it. :p
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post #83974 :: 2017.05.15 5:58pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
whatever the mood suits!
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post #83976 :: 2017.05.15 6:55pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
i use exclusively bose soundtrue headphones. really good sound quality for their price, albeit with the tradeoff of not being super durable (you can tell where all the money goes!!)
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post #83978 :: 2017.05.15 7:15pm
I have Grado open back phones. I use them in the living room, the television is too loud for bleed to bother my family.

I learned how to compensate for the issues of working this way and rarely use speakers.
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post #83983 :: 2017.05.15 7:55pm
  MiDoRi and sc liēkd this
I always use headphones for everything. Laptop speakers tend to be pretty terrible from my experience.
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post #83987 :: 2017.05.15 8:58pm :: edit 2017.05.30 3:04pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
i used some $20 sennheiser headphones for most of the music i've made (anything pre-2016). i made a lot of music wow!!!!

but i bought a pair of audio-technica mth-m40x's about a year and a half ago and now i rarely make music lmao!!!
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post #83989 :: 2017.05.15 10:08pm :: edit 2017.05.15 10:11pm
I listen to most stuff with Sennheiser HD280s(? wow I forget which model already lol) but I yearn dearly for a pair of good monitors + no roommates or neighbors

Edit: if I'm hanging out in the game lab at school I use these blue Gamer Headphones whose model I don't know that have too much bass but otherwise sound decent
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post #83990 :: 2017.05.15 11:15pm :: edit 2017.05.15 11:15pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
If it involves audio of any kind, earphones. 'Cause it's what I got.

Right now I'm using some pretty cheap Panasonic earphones that sound... OK. I'm not an audiophile by any means, and I think I do have a bit of hearing deficiencies in certain frequency ranges... Nothing too crazy, I hear "fine", but not fine enough to justify like, the ultimate listening experience, with gold plugs and silver wiring and whatnot
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post #84002 :: 2017.05.16 4:01am
Golden plugs and silver wirings are placebo for """""audiophiles" """"anyway
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post #84003 :: 2017.05.16 4:39am
  Tilde, VinCMG and MiDoRi liēkd this
For over a decade, I've been really big on the Sony MDR-7506 headphones. They're not always the best choice for tracking vocals or drums or anything that involves microphones, because they bleed like crazy despite being closed back, but for monitoring or checking mixes they're the best I've ever used.
And I've used an awful lot of different studio headphones.
I recommend these to everyone! They don't have the best bass response, so if something sounds very bottom-heavy in these phones, it's probably going to cause seismic activity on big speakers. Also, they are very sensitive in the high frequency department, so the tendency is to mix too "dull" to compensate at first. If the highs are slightly harsh in these phones, they're probably pretty good elsewhere.

I also use Ultrasone HFI-450's, mainly for tracking live instruments or vocals. They are the exact opposite of the Sonys. Heavy on the bottom, dull in the treble, hardly bleed at all cause they grip your head like a vise. I also wear them when using power tools in the garage, haha.

For speakers I have my old M-Audio BX8 monitors that I've never really liked since I bought them in 2002, but I've learned to mix on them so I keep them. Both studios where I work have Tannoy Reveal 8" monitors (per my suggestion). Not expensive, but boy do those mixes translate well. Great speakers.
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post #84005 :: 2017.05.16 5:56am :: edit 2020.10.16 10:47am
Level 21 Mixist
post #84006 :: 2017.05.16 6:30am
audiotechnica meme50x as well
Level 15 Playa
post #84007 :: 2017.05.16 6:55am
  mootbooxle liēkd this
Another one for the ATH-M50x :3

Buuuut mostly I use my old jbl speakers, an old kenwood receiver and a terrible logitech bluetooth audio thingy. (that's the real weak point in the set up, the DAC in it kills everything)
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post #84008 :: 2017.05.16 8:03am
  RazerBlue6 liēkd this
Damn, those rich kids and their expensive gear...
/me hides xD
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post #84009 :: 2017.05.16 8:25am
  Tilde, TMM12 and Galak Sea liēkd this
lmao I've made everything with shitty earbuds
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post #84010 :: 2017.05.16 8:58am
  Tilde, Doxic, TMM12, MiDoRi, Galak Sea, RazerBlue6, ivel, stinkbug and Dimeback liēkd this
  plrusek hæitd this
listening to your own music while making it is vanity
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Cessor Safari
post #84015 :: 2017.05.16 10:21am
  sc and MS liēkd this
I mainly use M1Active 320USB monitors by Alesis bcuz they were cheap and I needed something else besides headphones. Headphones kind of make me feel like I'm on life support, and a dying old grampa is gumming on my ears. The stereo image is also really confusing to me when switching from monitors to headphones. It's almost like the music is suffering from vertigo @0@. Anyways my monitors are crap, but honest in a weird sense, and I'm just used to their poop sound. I have a pair of ATH-M20x headphones by Audio-Technica. They aren't great but no worse than my monitors. I mainly use them to listen to music while I go on leisurely strolls thru duh hood. I also have a pair of DT-880 Pros that I use every once upon a blue moon when a curly grey hair goes up my ass, or whatever that saying is. The End.
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post #84020 :: 2017.05.16 10:56am :: edit 2017.05.16 10:57am
Damn straight Jangler.

But to answer the main question I use $5 JVC Gumy earbuds when composing and listening on my PC. On my phone I use Skullcandy (idr the model) bluetooth headphones. I only use them for my phone because they're a pain in the ass (I always have to redo pairing for some reason, so I just don't care anymore).

One of these days I'll get an upgrade. One of these days...
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post #84022 :: 2017.05.16 11:06am :: edit 2017.05.16 11:07am
  BubblegumOctopus and mootbooxle liēkd this
Speakers! Yamaha NS-10M Studio
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post #84031 :: 2017.05.16 1:00pm
  Galak Sea and MiDoRi liēkd this
Like this when I am at home :

When away and it is some Pioneer headphones only usually.
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Galak Sea
post #84032 :: 2017.05.16 1:05pm
Wow that's a lovely place!!
Level 22 Samplist
post #84033 :: 2017.05.16 1:59pm
  sc, shinichi, mootbooxle, Galak Sea, sleeparrow and Cessor Safari liēkd this
being an old schooler, I run BOTB radio through the PA at my house.... volume level changes can be drastic (-:
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post #84038 :: 2017.05.16 5:25pm
  BubblegumOctopus and MS liēkd this
MS with the legit Yamaha NS-10's! That's cool.
I used them in school...they are everything people say they are...Not the most "pleasant" monitors but some of the most "honest". If if sounds good on NS-10's, it sounds good period!
Level 22 Mixist
post #84047 :: 2017.05.16 10:31pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
rokit krks in my studio and macbook speakers when im just chillin.
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post #84050 :: 2017.05.17 12:32am
i just got some on-ear sony headphones for everything i do on pc (gets those yummy low frequencies ;3) and i have in-ear earbuds for when im out and about, i forgot the brand :P
Level 28 Chipist
post #84052 :: 2017.05.17 4:36am
  andres and shinichi liēkd this
i am proud to be vain
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post #84059 :: 2017.05.17 12:39pm
  mootbooxle and MS liēkd this
MS and Mootbooxle, do you think NS-10s represent bass frequencies properly? I feel like for electronic music you would need to hear definition in the bass more clearly for mixing. They don't seem as flat as people say to me but very heavy on the high end.

I feel like rokit krks are also not very flat for the opposite reason. I think they kick out more bass than is really there from what I've heard.

Now I'm tempted to try M1Active 320USBs and Tannoy Reveal 8s haha so much cheaper than both!
Level 28 Chipist
post #84061 :: 2017.05.17 1:19pm :: edit 2017.05.17 1:19pm
A cheap pair of Panasonic RP-HJE120 earbuds. All the speakers I have are basically laptop speaker tier, so fuck that.

I've bought over-ear headphones and the lot before, but I basically just buy another pair of these every time they break. Considering most headphones I've bought last about the same length of time, there's no point in me getting nicer, more expensive ones.
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Galak Sea
post #84065 :: 2017.05.17 3:09pm
  mootbooxle, blank, Dimeback, MiDoRi, TMM12 and sc liēkd this
wow i wasn't expecting this thread to grow so much and all you audio freaks knowing the exact numbers of your earbud models ^^

apparently the conclusion for me is that I should stop composing music with my computer's speakers...
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post #84116 :: 2017.05.18 9:37pm
both, neither
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post #84148 :: 2017.05.20 12:57am :: edit 2017.05.20 1:00am
  Jangler and sc liēkd this
sc: I don't think NS-10s have the greatest bass response. They're actually not all that "accurate"...they just seem to have an uncanny ability to produce mixes that translate well to other systems.

I've also used the Tannoy Reveals with a KRK 10" subwoofer - it's a bit of an adjustment but they still seem to help me make mixes that translate. I don't ever just listen on one system anyway...Always gotta try them in headphones and in the car.
Listening somewhere that you're used to, even if it's a bad system, can help produce good results.
If you're used to the way recordings that you like sound on certain speakers, it's a good idea to use those recordings as a sonic reference to whatever you're working on. Over the same speakers.
Sometimes that may even be something you've made previously that you think sounds great on several systems.
Hope that makes sense! I think my wording may be a little convoluted, lol.
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post #84149 :: 2017.05.20 1:32am
  mootbooxle and MiDoRi liēkd this
Used to use a pair of cheapo pc speakers with okay-ish sound, but recently got my hands on a pair of DT-990 pro's, and that is a purchase I am not regretting one bit.
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post #84915 :: 2017.05.30 2:40pm :: edit 2020.10.16 10:48am
  MiDoRi, Dimeback and SketchMan3 liēkd this
Don't get Audio Technica ATH-M50x they are trash
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post #84962 :: 2017.05.31 2:08am
Level 21 Chipist
post #85027 :: 2017.05.31 9:39pm :: edit 2017.05.31 9:40pm
I got a pair of Grado open back for listening and what not. Most music I wrote was made on these, I just got a pair of Senal's for monitoring and mixing and have used my dad's car speakers to check my mixes. I'm working on getting a pair of 40w JBL's for recording in the future...
Level 10 Mixist
post #128394 :: 2020.10.14 6:52am :: edit 2020.10.14 7:05am
I use my Clip 3. They sound good if a bit muffled. And headphones? For my headphones I use my Grado SR80e but when I'm listening through my phone I use my beats solo 3 wireless
Level 23 Chipist
post #128422 :: 2020.10.14 3:29pm
my left speaker has had some kind of problem for the entire year, forcing me to use headphones for my 100 songs even though I find every version of them uncomfortable
Level 26 Chipist
post #128442 :: 2020.10.15 11:21am
I'm always listening my Headphones.
so i don't want to listen the speakers. I just playing quiet
Level 28 Chipist
post #128444 :: 2020.10.15 11:33am
  Jakerson and sean liēkd this
With my ears ;D

Yar, headphones for me...
Level 23 Pixelist
post #128454 :: 2020.10.15 5:43pm :: edit 2020.10.15 5:44pm
Still mostly headphones, except something reasonably better and flatter than the previous model, ISK HF 2010 and HP 2011
Level 23 Chipist
post #128456 :: 2020.10.15 9:51pm :: edit 2020.10.15 9:52pm
i should say, everyone compliments me on my AKG K240s because they're famously Dank Producer headphones, but like....they fall off my head, man. and they irritate my ears and stuff!! my Panasonic RP-HTF600s are, I guess, not as Dank and Professional, but they're more comfortable, and they look way cooler on my head. I only don't use em right now cuz the fabric is torn. but also just let me mix with goddamn speakers get this stuff off my head

this has been my blog post
Level 23 XHBist
post #128460 :: 2020.10.16 1:05am
Well, I hate speakers. So I wear headphones a lot, and even worse, I have goggles, some headphones press too much on them, I have to use circum aural headphones.

And even very good ones can make you sweat after one or too hours... It took me time to find what I needed!
Level 23 Chipist
post #128474 :: 2020.10.16 12:04pm
I used to listen on monitors but since my PC died all I've got left is my laptop and its shitty speakers. No it doesn't have an audio output because it's an ASUS. My other PC's soundcard was a PCI soundcard that's not compatible with modern equipment :/
Level 13 Criticist
post #128534 :: 2020.10.17 5:56pm
I use a pair of Sony MDR ZX110s, and I’m usually listening on my iPad.
Level 16 Grafxicist
post #128552 :: 2020.10.18 7:08am
  Tilde liēkd this
Whichever cheap-ass pair of earbuds I have currently.
Level 12 Mixist
post #128561 :: 2020.10.18 10:48am
i use the cheapest things called "studio headphones" on sweetwater
Level 25 Chipist
post #128565 :: 2020.10.18 11:39am
ah I was gonna make the same joke opm did, but i realized i dont have ears :(

Level 22 Mixist
post #128603 :: 2020.10.18 6:51pm
ATX-50x gang
Level 15 Mixist
post #128605 :: 2020.10.18 8:11pm :: edit 2020.10.18 8:11pm
AKG K551 + Brainwavz pads gang
Level 22 Chipist
post #128653 :: 2020.10.19 1:09pm
DT 990 Pro masterrace

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