Nintendo 64 USF chiptune?
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post #81755 :: 2017.03.30 11:32am
Well, some video game consoles has a chiptune like SNES, but..... I want a chiptune format for the Nintendo 64.

Only I created my N64 Soundfont by Viena. The Sample of my video:

The Download Sauce is in the Video Description. The only thing, the USF format is ripped by 64th Note by using via Audio Logging from Jabo's DirectSound Auido plugin from Project 64, the N64 emulator. It's a very hard how to rip music from games for Nintendo 64:

I need a N64 chiptune
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post #81786 :: 2017.03.30 10:32pm
i need more chiptunes with ssb metal mario soundfonts too
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post #81807 :: 2017.03.31 11:51am
I don't really get the point of this post, since there already exist various archives of music ripped into USFs...
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post #81811 :: 2017.03.31 12:57pm
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o i though it was a post to make usf a botb format lmao

take a look at here:

it has a fairly complete set of usf =' D
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post #81813 :: 2017.03.31 1:04pm
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Oh, you might've been right actually, ViLXDRYAD, i just didn't realize IkaMusumeYiyaRox prolly had the actual BotB compo format in mind when writing the post, lol
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post #81814 :: 2017.03.31 1:08pm
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if i get it correctly the botbr actually might be asking for chiptune in usf format, not a new botb format; just music to enjoy lmao

idk if someone here is in the practice of that if so i would really like to hear some metal on n64
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post #145447 :: 2021.08.16 11:31am
Wanted to bump, just cos I love the idea of N64 being a format, regardless of the practicalities x)))
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post #145448 :: 2021.08.16 11:32am
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post #145468 :: 2021.08.16 11:00pm
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isnt all n64 music cpu-driven and it has no dedicated soundchip?
are there tools to make music for n64? which file format would be required for submission? where do we draw the line in terms of sound capable consoles going forward? gamecube next? wii? wii u? switch?

see, im a n00b when it comes to everything that is not a botb-format.
so my non-existent knowledge results in me saying: n64-chiptune should not be possible, because it doesnt have a soundchip. if we add it as a botb-format, is it really a new format with special limitations or differences over uhhh allgear?

do we have any n64-experts around who could giv more infos? i dont feel like using google today
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post #145605 :: 2021.08.19 5:09pm
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It was cpu driven with no dedicated soundchip, Im almost sure. Still a chip that was used for sound, just not a soundchip that was a umm well soundchip xD

Tools is my biggest question too regarding it. Without that it's all hypothetical x)

Sure, I know where your coming from Kleed, not all consoles having to be formats. Answering that question, everything onwards from the N64, home console wise doesn't really have any noticeable sound restrictions to speak of. N64 does, and hence was wondering about the potential of it being a format (if ever n64 music thingy came or was in existence).

Its got quiet a limited bitrate, I'm not sure at all what exactly it's technical restrictions really are though, besides the non relevant info, that because it didnt have a dedicated soundchip, music that was taking up too much data strained the cpu.
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post #145607 :: 2021.08.19 5:37pm
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ya, i get the idea. would also be kinda funny to see what strobe or others would be capable of doing for the n64. still, leaves us with the more important question: any (good) tools to create n64-music? any experts around who can tell us what the file format would be, the limits, the a, the b and the c?
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post #145626 :: 2021.08.20 6:18am :: edit 2021.08.20 6:20am
following kleeder's viewpoint, it wouldn't surprise seeing someone here asking for a Steam Deck format as well one day soon (sorry about the joke, i couldn't resist...) - but, you know, if n64 has really a truly unique sound, and if there are good free tools available around, why not?
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post #145809 :: 2021.08.25 8:20am :: edit 2021.08.25 8:20am
to my mind n64 music is not overly distinguishable from midi and MT32 of which we already have
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post #145819 :: 2021.08.25 11:29am :: edit 2021.08.25 1:50pm
Hello, and good day!

Might be of any good, I want to share with you of that by information about the Nintendo 64 platform on the document served in the web page the next hyperlink leads at:

The magazine page served in the webpage the next hyperlink goes to:

And article served in the web page the next hyperlink leads at:

I am hinted about that the Nintendo 64 could both, work with up to 100 channels of ADPCM samples, and stream audio data to the audio interface directly; that one has the liberty of coding a sound driver using both capabilities; that one could mix or synthesize audio data with the Nintendo 64 coprocessor, named as Reality, by what I have read in the aforementioned document, I interpret that it may be used for audio-related calculations, and stream that data to the audio interface directly to the Nintendo 64's audio interface.

I interpret what I have read on the article in the web page the next hyperlink leads to:

That the Nintendo 64 has an official Software development kit offering a toolchain that included a library and programs to work with audio data named as SGI Audio Tools, and a openening quote "kind of DAW", closing qote, one could use, for. That SGI Audio Tools accept samples with sample rate of 32000Hz, By aforementioned sources, I also interpret that 16-bit stereo audio data with a sample rate of 44100Hz could be streamed the Nintendo 64's audio interphace.

I welcome, and appreciate corrections to my interpretations of the aforementioned sources, I have expressed about in this post!

Edit: Information on the web page this hyperlink goes to, hints me that Nintendo 64's audio hardware supports playing samples at a rate of 48000Hz:

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