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Sky Yoshi
post #75336 :: 2016.12.23 6:49am
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Where can I show everyone my Chiptune Creation?
I have no clue because I am n00b
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if you want to link your soundcloud / bandcamp / etc in your profile, you can do that.

once you have some boons (botb currency), you could also promote your music by posting a bulletin. it's cool to do this if you've made a new ep or album you'd like to share.

the primary focus of botb, however, is to compose and submit new music according to the rules of the battles here. previously written music is not allowed in one-hour compos and is generally frowned upon in majors, but not strictly prohibited unless you've already entered the track to another competition.

if you're interested in doing one-hour competitions, you should hang out in irc

(if you're more comfortable reading japanese, we have some 日本語 articles on the lyceum; see 〔日本のBotBr向け〕+バトル)
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Sky Yoshi
post #75383 :: 2016.12.24 3:53am
Thank you for many infomations! Thank you!

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