[Survey] Do you play any musical instruments or have studied music theory?
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post #72431 :: 2016.09.13 12:34am
Just out of curiosity, how many of you have a musical background where you have played an instrument or are still playing currently? (and if so, what musical instrument do you play)?

Those that do not or have not played an instrument, did your interest in 8bit music perhaps inspired you to pick up an instrument that you've always wanted to learn, or propelled you to learn about music theory in order to further enrich your understanding of musical composition?
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post #72435 :: 2016.09.13 8:48am
started playing guitar as a teenager
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post #72456 :: 2016.09.13 3:57pm
ive played trumpet for a few years
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post #72458 :: 2016.09.13 5:41pm
I play bass guitar in a few bands. Played trumpet and baritone in high school. I've been thinking a lot about learning piano lately, mainly being inspired by some of the chip music/video game music I've heard over the years.

I've never really had any formal training in music theory, and have done very little research on it. Somehow I was able to acquire perfect pitch, and through playing around with leads and chord progressions, it just kinda took off from there.
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Baron Knoxburry
post #72494 :: 2016.09.14 5:35pm
I played guitar and bass for a while before I discovered trackers. Chiptune came several years after that although I would often have chiptune elements in my modules. Since then I've become pretty comfortable on ukulele and singing. I still have a clarinet from grade school. I can kind of keep a beat on the drums. I can kind of play the keys.
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post #72499 :: 2016.09.14 8:48pm
  RazerBlue6 hæitd this
My first real entrance into playing music was the violin in 4th grade (like every other kid lol). In 5th grade, I switched to viola because I had never heard of it before. I played viola all through middle school and in high school I picked up tenor drums in marching band, which I still play both of those instruments right now :)

Middle school was when I started experimenting with making songs, mostly in WarioWare D.I.Y for the Nintendo DS. (I lost the cartridge so most of my "songs" are gone rip) The instruments I used the most were the "NES-style" instruments because I thought that making '8-bit music' was awesome (didn't know they were called chiptunes haha) It was also around that time I found FamiTracker covers online. Through lots of trial and error (because I didn't find danooct1's tutorial helpful at all heh) I figured out the basics of how a tracker worked and began using FT instead of WW DIY. Fast forward 2 years and here's where I am now!

Composing always seemed like an easy thing to me. I believe by the end of middle school, I found out that I had perfect pitch the whole time. (I had just assumed that anyone could decipher notes by hearing them lol) I also have never taken a single music theory class, nor have I really studied it deeply on my own. I taught myself most things by listening to other songs and studying ftm files.
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post #72520 :: 2016.09.16 12:57am
i played guitar in high school and college jazz ensembles and took a few college-level music theory courses. honestly i didn't learn much from the theory courses; the subject matter was pretty much eclipsed by the jazz theory i had been picking up, and i already had very good relative pitch by then.
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post #74535 :: 2016.12.02 1:05pm :: edit 2016.12.02 1:40pm
  Savestate liēkd this
I feel a bit out of place now, since i never studied music theory in the school, nor had any opportunity to play instruments (excluding computer of course, heh, but i don't own any MIDI controller yet to do this comfortably), and it shows unfortunately. Pretty much all my interest in music stemmed from my exploration of computer-related topics, and discovery of music software, demoscene, reading a bit about its history, and such. I wish i had some music background from before, because i'm having rather hard time trying to encompass the theory by myself. Some say this isn't the crucial factor to write good music, but from what i feel so far it really can help achieve desired effect, and understand what you're actually doing instead of mindlessly throwing notes at the sequencer.

Also i dunno maybe it's worth starting it's own thread, but on somewhat related note, i'm wondering, what musical scales/modes do you use most often when composing your music?

BTW, interesting fact of the day: If i remember correctly i discovered BotB by pure accident when searching for Fairlight CMI IIx samples xD
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post #74563 :: 2016.12.03 2:54am
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i self-taught just enough harmony theory to never have to do so again anymore
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post #74703 :: 2016.12.05 5:25pm
  kleeder liēkd this
^probably describes a lot of people here
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post #74723 :: 2016.12.05 10:21pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
I play stuff
^ this is me playing marimba in terrible sound quality
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post #75054 :: 2016.12.14 6:40pm
I've played musical instruments since childhood, got piano lessons at age 7, this gradually expanded to the whole keyboard family, brass, percussion, and guitar. I can't play bowed strings or anything that requires a reed in my mouth. Went to Berklee College of Music after Paula Cole and before John Mayer.

Was given my first not-casiotone-or-portasound synthesizer for my 16th birthday. Didn't get into trackers until I stopped using the big synth and drum machine. What happened after that is complicated.
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post #75065 :: 2016.12.14 10:56pm
I attempt to play guitar sometimes.
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post #81808 :: 2017.03.31 12:04pm
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post #81809 :: 2017.03.31 12:32pm
  gotoandplay liēkd this
I started playing guitar when I was 13 and accordion when I was around 21 and now I pretty much only play accordion even though I play multiple string instruments.

I play purely by ear, though I have been picking up some theory and whatnot over the last few years.
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post #81815 :: 2017.03.31 1:16pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
regardless literally all my family is musician profesionally or not, and most my friends play stuff i never got grasp of a solid music theory basis

i had a couple of bands way back, and got separated because wrong desisions of many of us

i played guitar and keyboard; used to do metal and some videogame covers, left playing guitar after understanding the weight of with what they are done, and had not grab a keyboard for long time because i am busy, and probably will keep busy enough to have no time to get back to it
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post #83190 :: 2017.04.29 4:35am
  Post-retro liēkd this
Played piano and french horn classically as a kid. Gave it all up to play punk / hard-core for 20 years and just got back into piano in the last year. (actually sitting my 5th grade exam in 3 weeks!). Only got into creating chiptunes very recently despite my longtime love of classic games and soundtracks growing up. I personally think music theory helps mostly with speed in composing, not so much the quality. Given enough time I think anyone can create gold.
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post #83246 :: 2017.04.30 8:51am :: edit 2017.04.30 8:52am
i studied music and how to play percussion instruments for 4 years at a music school. i knew how to play marimba with 4 mallets. probably wouldn't even know how to play only with two nowadays, since the last time i've seen a marimba was in 2012. i probably can still play drums but it also has been some time. i moved on from performing to composing as it brought me more joy and satisfaction.
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post #83788 :: 2017.05.13 11:10am
my parents made me play piano for a while and then i stopped doing music stuff for a few years then i started playing guitar and then bass. I learned some basic theory stuff from jazz classes in high school but it wasn't a lot so I feel like I'm somewhat lacking in knowledge of that stuff.
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Galak Sea
post #83975 :: 2017.05.15 6:12pm
I've studied classical guitar in the conservatory for 10 years, and eventually decided to study engineering instead of music. I know a decent amount of theory and have given classes as well :) But for me, the biggest struggle in chiptunes is not the musical theory part, but rather than arrangement and orchestration aspect of it.

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