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post #71955 :: 2016.09.04 6:34am
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I don't usually do this here but I have tons of boons so I might as well use some of them for a good cause!

For those who don't know, "Relay Bros" is a group of video game remixers that I am a part of who take video game tunes and cut them up into segments for each member to do in his or her own style. The only "rule" is that they all must be in the right tempo, key, and time signature for the part you are given so that they can all be stitched back together to create a truly unique take on a classic!

We have done many different tunes from many different games but I think this is by far our most ambitious arrangement yet! We voted on it and decided to take on Garlen Beach from Plok!

We already have plenty of members but sometimes some of us have to drop out of a relay for one reason or another because life happens.

If you like what you hear from us and would like to be involved in future projects contact the man behind this insanity with an example of some of your work and tell him Jredd sent ya! Say hello to him here:

True, he might hate me for the influx of new messages to his facebook but the talent here is so high I feel it's worth it and I'll totally take the heat <3.

No but seriously, Toni Leys is an incredibly cool guy and even though sometimes it takes a while for us to finish something the end result is always a ton of fun and I'm sure we'd love to have some new members ready to join us in case half of us come down with the plague or something and need some replace bros :P.

Also, Toni is an incredible musician and needs to join us on BOTB. I keep telling him to come here but maybe you guys can help :P. Muahaha, I'm evil!

Anyway, come check us out and join us maybe?

Yeah? Yeah! Let's do something cool guys <3.

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hell's this "facebook" thing

(this is an extremely neat collective and some good tracks)

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