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post #69137 :: 2016.06.19 11:42am :: edit 2016.06.19 11:44am
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thanks to a shitpost from moviemovies, i have been alerted to the existence of:


A Real Life 2600 tracker for windowz!

Thus, I am formally requesting we add its native save file ".ttt" to our atari 2600 format so that we may commence with the OHBs.
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post #69142 :: 2016.06.19 12:24pm
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Should be its own tracker format for springtracks and such rather than being shoehorned into a console format.

There's a reason why we don't allow .ftm to be submitted to .nsf formats.
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post #69144 :: 2016.06.19 12:45pm
my counter argument to that point would be zx beeper with .bbsong and vic 20 with .vt. not to mention the adlib format.

a multi soundchip tracker like deflemask or system exclusive thing like ntrq make sense for their own format, but i personally am not a fan of formats=tools. something like modplug at least has the caveat of using vsts.

but let us meditate on this case study: should RMT be it's own format, or .rmt be a valid entry file for the SAP format?
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post #69146 :: 2016.06.19 1:48pm :: edit 2016.06.19 1:48pm
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post #69147 :: 2016.06.19 1:54pm :: edit 2016.06.19 1:55pm
Meditation over. I win.

But seriously, my main gripe is suddenly needing to have loads of other tools in my workspace for tools I don't even use because I'm already quite happy using other tools instead.

I'd assume it'd be just as cumbersome if I'd uploaded an mml and then proceeded to ask everyone else to grab Z-music and an X68000 emulator, figure out how to get a valid hard disk image running, figure out how to compile the mml into a .zmd, figure out how to get the driver running as a TSR, and load the song just to be able to play my .zms SOURCE FILE in the context of a theoretical X68000 OHB. (Defle can do SegaPCM+YM2151 for a psuedo-X68000)

That's the way I see asking someone to play a tracker source file in the middle of a TIA ohb.
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post #69148 :: 2016.06.19 3:22pm
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you are free to vote on or not vote on OHB entries at your discretion.
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post #69149 :: 2016.06.19 4:56pm
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I'm telling Rainwarrrior on you
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post #69154 :: 2016.06.20 1:31am
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Who is Rainwarrrior and what are you going to tell them?
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post #69158 :: 2016.06.20 5:57am
i asked on teh forum if 2600 playable .bin exports would happen, havent heard back yet.
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post #69159 :: 2016.06.20 6:19am
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1.) Save your song as a non-spaced name (ex: fetusmilk); then from File menu press "Export complete player to dasm," and export to a directory you have access to as the same name.

2.) Put the Win32 DASM executable
and VCS.H
into your chosen export directory.

3.) In your favorite text editor create a batch (*.bat) file of the following lines (without firki double-carriage returns) and put it into the same directory and call it "asm.bat":
rename *_player_framework.asm %1.asm 
dasm %1.asm -f3 -v0 -o%1.bin
rename %1.asm %1_player_framework.asm

4.) Using the name from before run "asm fetusmilk" from command prompt within the same directory
to assemble.

5.) Run fetusmilk.bin in your emulator choice or flashcart.

5.) Smile for Uncle B00daW.
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post #69161 :: 2016.06.20 7:39am :: edit 2016.06.20 7:39am
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oh yeah i actually forgot to throw up the b00daw signal but uncle b00ds can always smell n00bs in need.

anyways, i got a bin that works in Z26! ^_^

i am still in favor of .ttt being valid for entry, but at least now we can commence teh battlez
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post #69166 :: 2016.06.20 10:01am
Oh, never noticed it was consistently lowercased. But yeah, not voting when you're a participant in a battle _should_ be highly frowned upon and it's unsettling to see such a high leveled botbr encourage non-votes.
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post #69173 :: 2016.06.20 4:08pm
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Ahahaha now I understand why you mentioned me. I didn't even read it that way. I didn't quite understand what was being discussed.

I don't think Chip Champion was encouraging not voting (especially if you participated), just stating the fact that you can get away with not doing it.

At any rate, yes I do think it would be a bad idea to add that filetype to the existing TIA format list. Should stay just a common binary format that everything can export to.

The tracker itself could be its own new format I guess, but I don't really "get" all these tracker formats that have popped up anyway, so do as you will with those.
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post #69175 :: 2016.06.20 4:35pm
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Think my brain just popped haha, literally don't understand a single thing you guys are saying with all these different format lingos and filetypes! Wish I did though
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post #69178 :: 2016.06.20 5:55pm :: edit 2016.06.20 6:18pm
What went well in practice:

+ making an instrument out of a combination of waveforms
+ volume releases and frequency releases
+ piano roll guidance
+ notifications that tell you when you go beyond the allowed parameters for instruments

Even better if:

- copy/paste function for pattern data
- if an instrument could go through a volume/frequency envelope as soon as it is played, rather than wait for the next frame to release it
- an orderlist with numbered patterns rather than visual space/ forgo the need to label patterns with a name
- built in .bin export
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post #69349 :: 2016.06.26 1:49pm
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Hmm. I would agree with everyone except that it's Chip Champion you're talking to. One of the reasons he's such a high ranking botbr is because he'll do just about anything to enter a new format. He's done all that stuff that sounds so annoying. New formats keep things interesting. I think it would help if related formats were also included in majors though.

For example: I'm still getting used to Deflemask but I'm totally used to vgm music maker. If I wanted to make a quick track it would be nice to upload a .vgm Genesis file. Deflemask is great but like I said I'm still getting used to it.
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post #69353 :: 2016.06.26 8:32pm :: edit 2016.06.26 8:33pm
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I don't know if I am allowed to post this here, I hope I did not break any rule.

I am making a very early song WIP with the program, and I am having a lot of fun with it right now :)

This is a short loop I got so far. Very unfinished, I know. I plan to expand it to a full song :D

This is the very early thing I got, from a binary I built, and ran with Stella:

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post #69354 :: 2016.06.26 8:45pm
hey keep it up. add some new patterns! :)
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post #69355 :: 2016.06.26 8:52pm
Yes! That's a single pattern looping right now haha :P
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post #73383 :: 2016.10.21 8:54pm
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Hi, this is an unofficial build of TIATracker by "kylearan" which includes the following commits:

- toggle checkBoxGlobalTempo updates track - setEven/OddSpeed sets speed in channel 0 pattern for globalTempo=false
- TrackTab::updateTrackTab sets global speed checkbox from track - Create new pattern uses even/odd speed GUI values for initializing
- added globalspeed checkbox to track tab - added globalSpeed var to Track - added even/oddSpeed vars to Pattern
- added funktempo for pattern-individual speeds to dasm player
- added option for individual pattern speeds to dasm player


This means that now you can have individual pattern tempos unless the "Global Tempo" radio button on the sequencer
screen is selected. :)

As always, for now, to export to BIN:

1.) Press File/Export Complete Player to dasm.
2.) Name the file one short word like, "tiasong" in the "export" folder.
3.) Open up a command line by right-clicking the "export" folder in explorer with shift held and press "open command window."
4.) In "export" type "asm tiasong" (or the name you gave it.)
5.) Run the output BIN in an emulator to see if it sounds OK. :)

- Uncle B00daW
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post #73445 :: 2016.10.24 3:54pm
Thanks a lot!
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irrlicht project
post #77684 :: 2017.01.30 2:44am
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Quick update, kylearan has released v1.2 stable. New binaries and stuff are available on the bitbucket page.
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post #77698 :: 2017.01.30 8:32am
  nitrofurano liēkd this
export of correct start values with gotos before works now for k65
50 minutes ago

- export to dasm works correctly now with goto patterns before start pattern
54 minutes ago

Fix: Start patterns are now saved and loaded correctly in .ttt
an hour ago

README.md edited online with Bitbucket

adapted deploy57.bat

added deploy script for newer Qt version

added compile command to manual

added shortcut for Insert Pattern After

updated manual about the goto problem

on export, goto targets >127 are now checked for

added two more example songs

- updated displayed version to 1.2 - updated manual

- adapted k65 trackdata and export code so no if/endif for data is present
2 days ago

- fixed var names in k65 player (removed _C0) - fixed bzg in k65 player where tt_PatternSpeeds would be compiled in for global speed (instead of local)
2 days ago

adapted k65 player to local tempo (not yet tested)
2 days ago

global/local tempo info added to info tab

- export to dasm works now with local speed (both funktempo and normal tempo) - fix: row 100 is correctly indented now

for local tempo, pattern speeds are now displayed after pattern name

timestamps are no longer displayed for local tempo

bpm value listed as n/a for local tempo

player in tracker now supports local tempo

toggle global tempo now updates odd/even tempo widgets in all cases

- fix: GUI for local tempo now only takes left channel into account

- GUI: odd/even tempo gets updated on changed edit pos

more todos

- toggle checkBoxGlobalTempo updates track - setEven/OddSpeed sets speed in channel 0 pattern for globalTempo=false

- TrackTab::updateTrackTab sets global speed checkbox from track - Create new pattern uses even/odd speed GUI values for initializing


Andre (kylearan) has been talking with me via email. He's a very nice guy and is happy to address any issues that we are having via his email address or on his bitbucket account; given real world limitations time to time. :)

Enjoy his work!
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post #160941 :: 2022.09.19 5:11pm
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Hi BotBrs,

I've recently joined the Atari SAP Music Archive team and support them with their web site etc.


I've always had the plan to add support for storing TIATracker files there. And since today a first version of this is life. No replay in for TTT yet, but that'll be added in further future.

So now I'm trying to gether existing TTT files. Now sure what would be an effective. I've found this but all the downloads are .bin or .mp3.


Any suggestions from yr side?
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post #161163 :: 2022.09.26 12:36pm
hey JAC!

it looks like here on BotB, the accepted file format for the TIA format is just .bin (in the spirit of "we want submissions to be hardware/emulator playable if possible"), so maybe it'd be best to reach out to some of the authors of those tracks with the "tiatracker" tag to see if they'd be willing to contribute their actual modules?

the tag here basically exists as a way of saying "this was made with tiatracker" which is hopefully at least helpful enough to point you towards who to contact & what about :0

it's possible the modules could be linked in the entry descriptions or comments as well, though that won't be the case with all of them for sure - but sometimes people share

sorry to not be of more help, but i hope that clarifies why they're all .bin :D

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