Gauging interest in a BotB Team for BMS of Fighters Ultimate 2016
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[EDIT] I am currently accepting submissions for 10 days as of Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 12PM PST
(mp3 and s3xmodit are the only formats I'm accepting)

So there's this Japanese thing I'm participating in called BMS of Fighters Ultimate 2016
. It's basically a rhythm game music and chart making competition where you form teams and work to create some cool music and charts to play them with, specifically BMS which simulates games like Beatmania, beatmania IIDX, and Pop'n Music.

What makes BMS different from something like, say, StepMania? Primarily the fact that unlike StepMania where you can just toss in a song and make step charts for it easily, BMS requires* you to splice your sources and make what are called "keysounds" to use in the song. The end result is that when you don't play the key that the note corresponds to, the sound just doesn't play.

*okay, it's not strictly a requirement (there are "no-keysound" BMSes that exist and basically work like the beatmania/IIDX/Pop'n equivalent of StepMania), but it is required for BMS making competitions like BoFU2016

I am posting this to see if there would be any interest in contributing music and music videos for this competition. It would bring a small taste of BotB to a completely different audience (mainly, the Japanese BMS and rhythm game community; BoFU is one of the largest BMS making competitions in Japan and some of the more notable works often end up on either mobile rhythm games or actual arcade rhythm games), and it would be interesting to see how BotB music would turn out on a keysounded rhythm game.

Should there be enough interest, I'll see if I can convince puke7 to make a quick major out of it to get some potential entries. create a battle on keffie's arena site where I'll accept submissions. There are some rules that I would like to establish, however:

- 1:15 minimum and 2:15 maximum for song length
- You must be willing to give either your source files (if you use s3xmodit) or stems to me in the case that your song gets selected so I can splice them for charting
--- s3xmodits, you can just give me the source files directly
--- I also accept FL Studio zipped projects for sources as long as you're not using any paid VSTs or free VSTs that have gone out of circulation
--- Stems are to be done on a per-instrument basis, preferably
- There is no genre restriction! Feel free to make whatever you want as long as the composition is original
- One of the largest exceptions that I'm able to make for BMS of Fighters Ultimate is that you are free to use already existing songs, so to go with that, I will personally allow submissions of songs already made and posted from other compos so long as it fits with the aforementioned length requirements (this may mean editing your piece to make it short enough for eligibility)
- Only the top 2-5 overall will be selected

The other rule for BoFU is that each song needs to have its own music video, so I may or may not also do a follow-up battle for the express purpose of making them for any of the 3-5 songs chosen. In the case that this doesn't happen, however, I will try to make the music videos myself.

Once we can at least confirm songs, though, I can proceed to create a dedicated BotB team for this competition. I prefer this to happen sooner rather than later, since the deadline for team registration is on August 7th.

So what are your thoughts on this idea? Would any of you be interested?
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oh wow, i'd be interested at least; maybe it could be an informal compo if it isn't put on the site?

(come to think of it theres tons of bemani musicians i wish i could pastiche for something cool hahah)
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post #69124 :: 2016.06.19 12:57am
Yeah, if it's not a major, I could probably try hosting the battle on your battle site :o

Same with the music video battles (unless you want me to try and make 7-9 music videos on my own within the span of 3 months orz)
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yeah, it is.
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post #69141 :: 2016.06.19 12:06pm
idk what that "yeah, it is" is referring to or if that's supposed to be a good or bad thing :c
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This is kinda me jumping into the unknown here, but I may just be interested. "Clubby" s3xmodits are apparently my thing, so there we go. :P
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post #69152 :: 2016.06.19 10:21pm
To be fair, BMS outside of East Asia is relatively unknown (there's only one western based competition based on this and it's relatively small in comparison), so I won't fault anyone that doesn't know much about this :o
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Yes yes please! Let me have some fun with my cross rhythms :D
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post #69162 :: 2016.06.20 9:37am
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I just might be interested in this! :)
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I've created a battle that will accept submissions for 10 days on keffie's arena site

Thanks for showing interest! The submission period will start on Wednesday, June 22nd at 12PM PST :o

Some additional clarifications to add:
- Make anything you want! There's no limit to genre for this thing
- If you really want, you can submit something you've already made so long as it fits in with the length requirements
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so I took a look at - are these actually meant to be playable by real people? Or is 'playability' part of how they rate them? I'm a bit discouraged that the style and sound of most of them is pretty much beyond what I'm capable of with what tools I have available. Would they be receptive to something a bit more like what I do? I have a bit of an idea of what I might make though.
Also I'm slightly confused by what you mean by 'stems'.
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lmao @ scary banquet (stewboy's link)

edit: are the music videos required to feature witches or is that just a guideline

edit: are the top three required to be "mastered" as loud as possible or is that just a guideline
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Yes, these charts were meant to be played by actual people. The way that ratings work is that the players leave what are called "impressions," which is a rating from 0 to 1000 and an optional comment to go with it. You're still free to make whatever you want, since they'll be judging not just the music, but how fun and/or challenging the charts are as well (and I'll be taking care of that aspect).

Also 'stems' are exports of either every channel or every instrument of your project. Having these on hand will help me to break your song into discernable "keysounds" that I can then arrange into a playable chart. You'll need your project files to make them.

Music videos are required, but sound maximizing is just a guideline. It would be preferable to have the music normalized to a reasonable volume, at least (not necessarily banging loud), so that way players don't have to turn their volumes up for one chart (I made this mistake when charting keitai denjuu telefang).

I'll do a separate arena battle for music videos once the songs are selected.
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strikes me as right up plustek's alley going by the music on the youtubes, or even strobe
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post #69234 :: 2016.06.22 11:51am
I have rudimentary experience in charting, I made a few customs for Rock Band, and it'd be pretty cool to splurge on something like this.
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post #69235 :: 2016.06.22 11:56am

Well, in that case, I'd be glad to direct you to this guide made by a fellow BMS maker that I know
to get you started :3
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Submission phase is a go-go!
This phase will last for the next 10 days, in which I'll do a stream of all of the entries shortly afterwards :o
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post #69245 :: 2016.06.22 5:21pm
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i understand the rationale behind compression and limiting in the mastering process, and it's something that can be done very transparently while still pushing the volume. i was just struck that the top three entries (and only the top three) in the video stewboy linked were either getting very intimate with a hard limiter, or else just plain hard clipping.

anyway i might actually enter this because i like asymmetric polymeters
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Also to actually answer your question about the music video + witches thing:

No, witches being present are not a requirement. If anyone here wants to make a music video for any of the entries that make it, feel free to make it however you like!
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post #69289 :: 2016.06.25 11:13am
|・ω・)b Reminder that this is a thing and the submission period ends next week!
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post #69503 :: 2016.06.30 10:38am
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| ゚^゚) Reminder that there's only a bit more than two days left for this
Here's the arena page just in case you forgot where it was
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post #69570 :: 2016.07.02 12:03am
| ゚^゚) Just a little less than 12 hours left
Arena page
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post #69576 :: 2016.07.02 10:37am
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if it were extended to tomorrow I might be able to work on something
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post #69578 :: 2016.07.02 12:32pm
Aaaaand extended!
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post #69605 :: 2016.07.03 11:59am :: edit 2016.07.03 12:01pm
|・ω・) if anyone else wants to submit anything to this, I'll keep this baby open for the next 12 hours

however if no one else does, on account of only having 2 entries, I will automatically accept these entries to be used for the BotB Team on BoFU2016
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post #69611 :: 2016.07.03 1:18pm
actually I don't think I will get time to write something, sorry Azura :(
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post #69638 :: 2016.07.03 7:24pm :: edit 2016.07.03 7:24pm
| ゚^゚) it's okay
there's always next year

(hopefully I can get puke7 to be on board with making this a mini-major then)
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post #69690 :: 2016.07.05 11:16am
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are you guys really entering UFC?
watch out those guys dDon't mes s about
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post #69774 :: 2016.07.07 1:53am
I missed this! Next time ok?
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post #69775 :: 2016.07.07 2:21am
Yeah, if this thing works out well, I'll probably consider doing it again next year :o

Again, hope I can convince puke7 to make this into a full-fledged mini-major so it'll get some more attention
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post #69797 :: 2016.07.07 1:53pm
We could set up an email list for it. I'm interested in stuff like this!

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