Feature Request: Timezone Setting Option
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post #68331 :: 2016.05.29 8:32am :: edit 2016.05.29 8:44am
  Apsarah, goluigi, Savestate, KungFuFurby, DalekSam and Modus Ponens liēkd this
So that people from different countries could set their own timezone and see battle or entry or forumpost submit time/date correctly to their own timezone

E.g if I upload my entry at 16:00 PM and in the page it says 6:00 AM because America is ten hours late

E: Most of site's userbase are Americans so idk if this is useful or not, but most forum websites have it
Level 28 Chipist
post #68404 :: 2016.05.30 12:42am
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what the fuck is 16:00 PM
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post #68410 :: 2016.05.30 2:38am
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Europe is 10hrs ahead of America we could have warned you about 9/11!!!!!
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post #68412 :: 2016.05.30 3:27am
  pedipanol, R3M, andres, Blaze Weednix, Apsarah, DalekSam and Melon liēkd this
its ok we can warn them this year instead
Level 28 Hostist
post #68435 :: 2016.05.30 1:27pm
  pedipanol, Savestate, gotoandplay, Modus Ponens, KungFuFurby and OrdinateIsDead liēkd this
I personally am 2 hours off from the server's time zone over there against the Pacific ocean. There's two solutions I can see. One is doing what you suggest: adding a timezone selection and then adjusting timedate displays. This could be done on posts and entries and numerous other things, but not absolutely everything (logs are static text).

But I've always like the idea that BotB ignores the time of the real world. That's why the battle periods use countdown timers instead of timedates. I think it would be more in the spirit of this if the timedates used "23 minutes ago" or "3 days ago" until they are a week old (or some other arbitrary amount of time). This is already in use in some places like the Recent Battles box on the right.
Level 20 Criticist
post #68444 :: 2016.05.30 6:27pm :: edit 2016.05.30 6:27pm
  goluigi and charlotte liēkd this
I say go full balls to the wall and invent a new time format. Fuck base 60. Glory to base n00b.
Level 18 Chipist
post #68445 :: 2016.05.30 6:33pm
  Savestate liēkd this
We should use base 5040, because you can divide it by a lot of things
Level 25 Chipist
post #68458 :: 2016.05.30 9:35pm
  Jimmyoshi, pedipanol, Savestate, charlotte, goluigi and Melon liēkd this
I like the concept of BotB time, but there's the problem that nobody knows what time it is right now. Putting a little clock at the top of the page or something might help.
Level 28 Chipist
post #68471 :: 2016.05.31 6:39am :: edit 2016.05.31 6:39am
as someone who lives in pacific time (botb time), it sux move to mountain time instead!!!!!!!!!!!!
Level 28 Chipist
post #68482 :: 2016.05.31 12:58pm
  xterm, Xyz, rainwarrior, DalekSam and Blaze Weednix liēkd this
also i'm not a fan of the 23 mins ago or a week ago thing, i kind of like seeing the exact times lol
Level 28 Chipist
post #68546 :: 2016.06.02 11:25am
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i know what it takes to be cool! i am very cool okay lol
Level 20 Criticist
post #68551 :: 2016.06.02 2:12pm
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<Hitler> you can make everything 50% shitpostier by adding "wow" to the beginning of your sentences

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