Nyrmodian Pong II
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post #65618 :: 2016.03.25 3:16pm :: edit 2016.03.27 4:56pm
  MandraSigma, Tilde, MS, Sinc-X, fiv95, Zillah, b00daw, gotoandplay, NerdMcBoon, charlotte and Zlew liēkd this
As per usual i started on a new random crapgame.
this time it's a sequel to my long lost Nyrmodian Pong.

Gameplay (alpha 13):

Gameplay (alpha 15 Insanity Mode):

Gameplay (alpha 17. not released):


Alpha 18:
Fixed: Invaders can now crash into objects.
Fixed: Balls stuck in walls when bouncing back from outside arena. (again)
Fixed: Grid Objects can now spawn in whole grid, not just in a limited area.
Changed: Expand wall now also zooms a bit more.
Changed: fiddled with performance tweaks.
Changed: Black Hole now looks cooler.
Changed: Corridor is now 1 time use, but expands more.
Changed: some gfx and placements
Added: Selection Sound
Added: Up is now also K and W, Down is now also S and M,
Cancel Event is now also MB1, Shoot is now also MB2.
Added: Trying out new voice sounds.
Added: New events!
-- todo: Remap keys option
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post #65620 :: 2016.03.25 4:08pm
The music = NICE...
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post #65624 :: 2016.03.25 4:47pm :: edit 2016.03.25 4:47pm
  bazz liēkd this
A wild Strobe appears =o

The game really looks like fun! I'll definitely check it out!
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post #65628 :: 2016.03.25 5:06pm :: edit 2016.03.26 4:24am
Oh man, that rotate arena is the killer for me! Trippiest trick I got to.

So far; https://www.dropbox.com/s/wck3xtldpjdhyxs/total%20score.png?dl=0
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post #65629 :: 2016.03.25 5:27pm
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nimrod dong II: proton girl's vengeance
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post #65631 :: 2016.03.25 6:32pm
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Your game designing/programming skills are very formidable now! LEVEL UP!
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post #65647 :: 2016.03.26 3:02am
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My best score so far: http://i.imgur.com/kt7CMz8.png

I'm quite bad at this game ;_;
It's a lot of fun, though!
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post #65651 :: 2016.03.26 5:37am
  NerdMcBoon liēkd this
I'm trying to find a balance of what gives score and not,
just now i got 3 Invader packs in a row, which pumped me up to 340k in no time. considering upping the Normal Balls in arena multiplier a bit.

and possibly giving a huge boost to Chaos Balls, and not making them die if you touch them, so if you keep Chaos Balls on the board, it will pump up your score instead.

but this requires items that spawn on the board to balance that out,
such a new lives. or even timed multipliers.
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post #65675 :: 2016.03.26 2:21pm
  NerdMcBoon liēkd this
New test build,

Alpha 15:
Fixed: Transmutation can no longer instantly kill you.
Fixed: Dying with Distractify no longer cause starting a new game to begin with Distractify.
Fixed: Potential crash when restarting games multiple times fixed.
Changed: Normal Balls now give a higher multiplier.
Changed: Starting paddle now larger.
Changed: Start with 5 cancel items.
Changed: Background is now also random sine patterns instead of static sine.
Added: Insanity mode starts when you get too far on normal mode.
Added: Resolution change now available in game.
Added: Balls gfx for normal balls. for easier visibility.
New "Insanity" testmode added.
New Events added.
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post #65705 :: 2016.03.26 10:14pm
The new alpha is really nice!

I found a small bug, though:
Once the walls extended too far, you can't see the score anymore: https://i.imgur.com/B0T1L3K.png

Also, here is my best score in normal mode so far: https://i.imgur.com/VlinJtw.png
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post #65706 :: 2016.03.26 10:46pm
Finally got a chance to play with this! Man this is really addicting and fun... Some suggestions/improvements!

1.) 2p co-op Intense Mode
2.) Alternate controls: Mousewheel direction, right-click fire, left-click cancel.
3.) "Paddle Shrink" phonemes sound like "Paddle Trick"... maybe rerender?

:D/ g0g0g0g0g0g0g
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post #65707 :: 2016.03.27 1:22am
NerdMcBoom: yes, i am aware of this, but on the other hand,
i could call this an "Score Invisible" event, so maybe it's a feature ;)

b00daw, interesting, i thought they sounded like "Battle Ship", so they will be re-rendered anyway! i haven't decided yet on a voice synthesis, my plan is to vocode these as well.
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post #65731 :: 2016.03.27 4:57pm
new testrelease http://lmao.rotfl.at/upload/Strobe/NyrmodianPongAlpha18.zip

not everything i wanted to do in next release is in this one, but it's enough for now ;)
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post #65735 :: 2016.03.27 6:00pm
I like the new voice samples!
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post #65776 :: 2016.03.29 12:09am
I have an idea, making a level editor were you can specifically Craft levels to Music. i Think this could add some depth to the game, finishing some levels could unlock stuff.

This could take some time to make, but i Think it could be fun, especially if the editor is part of the game, then people can handcraft levels to their own Music.

*thinking out loud*
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post #65786 :: 2016.03.29 8:35am :: edit 2016.03.29 2:55pm
How would you determine when an arena is finished... timed survival?

or, how about this.... you have PBs in a stage, and every minute that is on your PB converts into some form of "unlock stage" point. Then you can stagger levels accordingly by making some stages need certain amounts of points to unlock.

iunno :)
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post #65789 :: 2016.03.29 10:08am
No idea yet! ;)
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post #65791 :: 2016.03.29 11:26am
  charlotte and gotoandplay liēkd this
well we all knew this would happen one day when i got bored anyway

and no, this is not real gameplay :P
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post #65792 :: 2016.03.29 2:23pm
  bazz liēkd this
Still very fun... How about balls being able to affect the trajectory of other balls by them hitting one another? :)
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post #103768 :: 2018.09.10 4:00am
  anewuser liēkd this
link for alpha 18 is dead, do you have a reupload?

20:45 <Patashu> I tried to play this way back when it came out but my computer wasn't strong enough
20:45 <Patashu> trying it now, it's pretty nuts lmao
20:57 <Patashu> oh, I thought the guns would kill ghost balls. I'm not entirely sure what they're for, then (killing invaders? but they don't seem to do anything that I've noticed)
20:57 <Patashu> I guess it's more of a game about resource management/dealing with RNG, but it would be cool if there was some super move to deal with balls exiting out both sides of the well at the same time. like if you could hold a button to slow down time (depleting a meter), or if you could press a button to stun all nearby balls (on a cooldown)
20:59 <Patashu> (playing alpha 15)
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post #103772 :: 2018.09.10 6:54am
  anewuser liēkd this
oh rly, is the link dead…. i'll check what happened.
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post #103773 :: 2018.09.10 7:02am
Hmmms, the server is dead, I can't remote into it,
I will have to check this on a later date, is BotB gone from the mIRC channel? if so, well thats too bad ;) hopefully the machine didn't explode.
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post #103775 :: 2018.09.10 12:50pm
  anewuser hæitd this
Sorry, it's dead, I get no screen output at the moment =( it just might be dead, i'll update this later, BotB server has spontaneously died until further notice.
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post #103776 :: 2018.09.10 12:52pm
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  RazerBlue6 hæitd this
RIP BotB server
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post #103778 :: 2018.09.10 1:06pm
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post #103782 :: 2018.09.10 2:42pm
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post #103791 :: 2018.09.11 1:17am :: edit 2018.09.11 1:19am
I really do hope that somebody has some backups of the database, because if the hard drive on that server cannot be recovered, then we are all screwed.
that was the last place where you can get SuperNSF.
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post #103792 :: 2018.09.11 2:35am
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post #103793 :: 2018.09.11 2:36am
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I'll do some heroic tries when I have more time, I can't at the moment :/ I however do not think that the HDD died, the server/mobo or similar took a hit, and won't start at all.
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post #103799 :: 2018.09.11 2:19pm
  anewuser liēkd this
You sure that was the last place to get SuperNSF? I ask, because I have a copy of both the original binary package and the source (and the source is on GitHub).
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post #103818 :: 2018.09.13 2:30am :: edit 2018.09.13 1:56pm
it has seizure inducing graphics but great music

edit: the music really fits the visuals

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