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post #62645 :: 2016.01.26 6:55pm
<sincx> puke i had an idea regarding wildchip that i'm not sure is actually any good but might clear up some confusion
<puke7> oh?
<sincx> i feeel we should divide it into two sections
<sincx> an "anything goes" section (classic wildchip) and an mp3-only section (chipstyle?)
<pedipanol> one that is real chiptune and one that is fakebit?
<sincx> yeah
<puke7> chipstyle
<puke7> the PC version of fakebtit
<sincx> lol
<sincx> but yeah i feel like there's always some sort of controversy over what's allowed in wildchip when people enter non-mp3s
<sincx> even though it's supposedly widely accepted that they are allowed
<Schallwelle> that's Your feeling, i don't see it being a reality tho =P
<Schallwelle> ok there was a thread once, but that's all i've heard lel
<sincx> i see stuff on irc about it relatively frequently
<sincx> particularly in ohbs
<Schallwelle> then just tell them to stfu and rtfl (lyceum)
<Schallwelle> xD
<Schallwelle> X~D
<puke7> i mean, originally wildchip was meant for combining real chip stuff with live stuff but that was asking too much
<sincx> somebody edited the lyceum to remove the bit about that schall
<pedipanol> oh, that happened when Joltik submitted a .M2 file
<sincx> the spirit of wildchip imo is to have the freedom to use any format to make somethin
<pedipanol> !entry RPG town
<BotB> MovieMovies1 - RPG Town.M2 :: http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/RPG+Town.M2/20291/
<pedipanol> ^this entry
<sincx> but anyway yeah that's what i had to say
<sincx> been thinking about it the past couple days

i think everything i have to say is described in that abridged bit of log from irc; basically i think instead of a single "wildchip" format we should have two. one for "go wild" as the name implies (any format so long as it's chip or chip-like); and another for "chipstyle" or "fakebit" reserved for MP3 battles as the lyceum seems to indicate.

Level 25 Chipist
post #62650 :: 2016.01.26 8:28pm
  Baron Knoxburry and Sinc-X liēkd this
-v - this thread confuses me a lîttle bit... would 'chiplike' in the first proposed category be the same as the 'fakebit' in the second proposed category?
Level 29 Chipist
post #62651 :: 2016.01.26 8:31pm
yeah! the first category would allow anything, including anything that would fit into the second category, and the second would be only for mp3 submissions, like what wildchip currently seems to be "defined" as

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