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post #62574 :: 2016.01.24 10:20pm :: edit 2016.01.25 3:00am
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BotB's Youtube Channel

After toiling with ffmpeg and some other commands for countless days, I have finally finalized the process of automagically generating video content for the yuttubs. I'll be experimenting with the posting density over the next month or so trying to find the sweet spot for how often to upload another one. Currently, I am uploading them manually, but will hopefully automate that process sometime soon. I'm going to try and repeat BotBrs as seldom as possible.

BotB's Instagram Account

It's a slow start here, but it is started. Instagram's API let's you do anything except post content so I'm using the bluestacks android emulator to do that. Initially I was thinking of doing something similar to the youtube videos, but instagram only allows for 15 second videos and does not support url linkage in the caption. Still though, I think posting pixel art and battle promo vids could be a good thing.
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post #62577 :: 2016.01.25 12:25am
Oh woah, is it using the BotBrs' profile pictures at the time they made the song?
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post #62579 :: 2016.01.25 12:36am
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Yup! BotB, unfortunately, has no way of knowing what palette they were using at the time.
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post #62581 :: 2016.01.25 3:27am
  puke7 liēkd this
Agreed on the battle promo usage for the Battle of the Bits Instagram; one thing that I've seen from most creator Instagrams is that they usually promote and generally tease stuff that's coming up (e.g. a new video on their YouTube channel), so it'll definitely be great for promotional purposes and related engagement.

For the yuttubs, if the content were exclusively going to be music, I'd say maybe 2 or 3 videos a day could suffice. There are over 20,000 entries if the number in the entry URL is to be of any consideration, so you wouldn't have to worry too much about running out of material to transplant. Of course, if you're also going to throw other material to the channel like full-fledged teaser videos for major battles, then maybe the frequency could be relaxed a little (maybe 1 or 2 a day), but those are just my thoughts on the matter.

All that said, I should subscribe and follow :o
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post #62604 :: 2016.01.25 12:13pm
we using any tags magic to get to the top of the search engines~? (not sure if yt still even uses those)
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post #62608 :: 2016.01.25 1:26pm
  keramon liēkd this
this is lit
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post #62609 :: 2016.01.25 1:51pm
  chinanewyr liēkd this
YouTube still uses tags, so we can go crazy with them if we so desired. They're just not visible to the public in the video descriptions.
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post #62611 :: 2016.01.25 2:22pm
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I am throwing in tags, but only 3-8 on each as I don't know what exactly to put besides format related things.
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post #62716 :: 2016.01.28 5:02pm
I need to learn coding and such to help you on these endeavors I swear
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post #62813 :: 2016.01.31 11:11pm
All the YouTube videos are in the "People & Blogs" category. Might want to fix that. :P
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post #62995 :: 2016.02.07 5:16am

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